The Tactile-Sensation Edition Sunday, March 18, 2018

I Finally Tried A Mechanical Keyboard. I'm Not Going Back, by Roger Cheng, CNET

The tactile sensation of pressing down on the mechanical keys, and feeling the switches work is supremely satisfying. There's a noticeable drop in energy and enthusiasm when I have to go back to my MacBook Air keyboard.

As for Das and Lofree, the Das is a solid choice and easy transition for someone getting into the mechanical keyboard world for the first time, while the Lofree is a looker that takes more getting used to.

Apple Takes A Very Un-tech Approach To Solving Fake News: Human Editors, by Jefferson Graham, USA Today

The bottom line: kudos to Apple for a terrific app that has so far not experienced the issues found on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, and for the video network —nice idea, but it's back to the drawing board. Next?

China’s Face-Scanning Craze, by Rene Chun, The Atlantic

The technology’s veneer of convenience conceals a dark truth: Quietly and very rapidly, facial recognition has enabled China to become the world’s most advanced surveillance state.

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I don't have the money to buy whatever Apple is unveiling for the upcoming March event. :-)


When was the last time Apple sold a low-cost product? (I am not considering accessories.) Something that someone may purchase on an impulse? Was it the iPod Shuffle?


I don't think Apple will ever sell a low-cost Macintosh though. Today's Macbook Air and the Mac mini, it seems, are as low as the prices will go. After all, if the iPad is "the clearest expression of [Apple's] vision of the future of personal computing", why muddle the waters with a low-cost Mac? There isn't a place in the product line for a cheap Mac anymore, something Apple used to lure switchers over. iOS is now a successful platform, and the iPad, rather than the Mac, is the carrot for those still hanging on to Windows just to check email and surf the web.


But the education market? Surely, the iPad is not yet ready to fight against Chromebooks and cheap Windows machines? Let's wait and see...


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