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Monday, January 3, 2000


Y2K Burps Up Some Weird Dates
by Wired News
While the rollover from 1999 to the year 2000 passed without system shutdowns, a few pesky glitches and technological hiccups are portraying the new year as anything from 3900 to 19200.

Windows 2000 Expo Brochure Features Netscape On A Mac...
by The Mac Observer
In an unbelievable mistake, the organizers of the Windows 2000 Expo have apparently ok'd a brochure that has a minor problem. There are no Microsoft products on the cover, though there is a product from competitor Netscape, and it's running on a Mac!

Design Isn't Just Eye Candy Any More For PCs
by San Jose Mercury News
For retailers, there is a downside to the design revolution Apple Computer started when it introduced the iMac desktop and the iBook laptop. Customers increasingly want their PCs to make a fashion statement, and personal color preferences can create an inventory challenge.

3 Years Ago: Be Reemerges From The Shadows
At the booth of Mac clone maker Power Computer, Be founder, chairman, and chief executive Jean-Louis Gassée will show off emulation software that makes Mac apps think that the BeOS is the Mac OS... Power Computing licensed the BeOS in November and has a vested interest in showing that the operating system will be able to run existing applications.

With The Computer Fixed, Year 2000 Experts Move On
by New York Times
While there is relief that few Year 2000 problems emerged over the weekend, some Y2K workers, having completed a task that has long consumed them, must now struggle with what to do next.

Mac Faithful To Converge In S.F.
by San Jose Mercury News
This week, as most of the Western world braces for a sobering return to the workaday grind, my tribe will be gearing up for one final holiday blowout, a bacchanal of digital delights unseen since — well, this time last year.

1/1/2000 Safely Handled, Now For 29/2/2000
by Reuters
If we breathed a collective sigh of relief to have handled January 1, 2000, we are now told to batten down the hatches in this leap year and watch out for February 29, 2000 and then October 10, 2000.


Macworld Has Many Challenges To Address
by The Mac Observer
The challenge and the promise of the Internet to radically alter the way business is done is so in your face today that Apple must respond.

Macworld Prediction Scorecard
by Low End Mac
This is your chance to see if my Macworld predictions are in the ballpark - or maybe I don't have a clue.

To Go Forward, You Must Back Up
For Darwin to succeed, it needs to be backed by Apple with deeds, not nebulous, deadline-less, marketingese announcements of purported intent. Actions speak louder than words.


PowerBook 540c: A Best Buy
by Low End Mac
If you are in the market for a solid PowerBook, don't need a PowerPC processor, and won't need more than 36 MB of memory, the 500 series deserves a serious look, especially the 540c with its active matrix screen.

Descent 3
Descent 3 offers great first-person shooter action with some touches that make it unique on the Mac platform.

The Best Macs Ever
by Low End Mac
With 1999 behind us and Macworld starting on Tuesday, it's the perfect opportunity to look at all Macs past and present, choosing the best Apple has offered.


Monday, January 3, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong


Found in Dan Gillmor's ejournal: To the AP wire story saying that Microsoft had 300 technicians standing by with nothing to do, I observe "Well, they could have been fixing their existing non Y2K bugs.


More options for PowerPC fans. A new PowerPC machine is going to be shipped with Yellow Dog Linux, and possibly BeOS in the future. And Apple is definitely not involved.


Got an iMac for Christmas? Don't open it! It might worth a lot more in the future. The problem is, of course, you cannot make that movie of yours that you always dream of making. Maybe you can buy another iMac and open that instead.


Win2K: Nowhere To Run?
by PC Week
As the release of Microsoft Corp.'s Windows 2000 nears, the small number of available applications certified to run with the operating system is causing some IT managers concern.

Microsoft Loses Latest Court Bid
by PC Week
Microsoft Corp. has lost another round in court, failing to stop the appointment of a special adviser to the judge in the case.

Intel Seels Flash Card Business To Centennial
by Electronic Buyers' News
Intel has sold off its once-promising flash memory card business to Centennial technologies, which hopes to use the technology and product line to increase its presense in the networking and telecommunications market.

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