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Wednesday, January 5, 2000

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Apple Unveils Internet Strategy, New iTools
by MacCentral
iTools is a new class of Internet services created exclusively for Mac users. Today Apple introduced its first four iTools... KidSafe was described by Jobs as a "breakthrough approach to protecting our kids on the Internet."

Jobs Takes Apple CEO Job Full Time
The announcement, which came during Jobs' keynote at the Macworld trade show here, caps a two-and-a-half-year search on Apple's part to find a full-time chief. Jobs has run Apple since the middle of 1997 as the "interim" CEO and has resisted calling the position anything more than a temporary solution.

Microsoft Preps Mac IE 5
Microsoft Corp. said Wednesday it will release Internet Explorer 5 for Mac by early February, followed by IE 5 and Outlook Express for Mac OS X as soon as Apple ships its new operating system. "We will release Mac OS X-native versions of IE and OE the day Mac OS X becomes available to customers."


Microsoft Preps New Office, IE For Macs
Microsoft said it is developing a new version of its popular Office suite for release in the second half of 2000, with a Mac OS X native version available at later date.

Apple Invests $200 Million In EarthLink
Apple will profit from each new Mac customer that subscribes to EarthLink's service. In addition, Apple will invest in the ISP and receive a seaton its board of directors.

Mac OS X Demoed As Part Of Apple's 'One OS' Strategy
by MacCentral
Apple has a single operating system strategy, not a dual, triple, or quadruple strategy like some companies. We're focusing on one operating system.

UserLand Sets MacBird Free
Open-source efforts took a step forward this week with UserLand Software Inc.'s decision to release the source code for MacBird, the company's venerable software for creating pop-up menus, radio buttons and other user-interface elements within scripts.


Apple Moves Beyond The Box
For those who expected great new hardware announcements from Apple CEO Steve Jobs' Wednesday morning keynote speech at Macworld Expo here, the event must have been a bit of disappointment. Personally, however, I would think that today's performance was actually proof that Apple has a clear overall vision of what it needs to continue building mind share for the Macintosh.


Wednesday, January 5, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong


As noted by SlashDot, Playboy has an article on Linux. (I'm linking to the SlashDot article because, by law, I cannot go read Playboy website while in Singapore...) Yes, Playboy does have articles.


From Think Secret: a banner for Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 has been spotted at Macworld Expo...


And from Scripting News: Microsoft will be announcing the Mac OS X versions of Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, and Office. Now, is that good news or what?


Apple Shines Above Market On Macworld News
by The Mac Observer
For Apple investors the good news from Macworld outshines all other.

What Lured Microsoft Exec To Canadian Start-up?
It's the $64-million question: Will departing Microsoft chief financial officer Greg Maffei ride the fiber optic networking craze to wild success like others before him?

Best Buy, Microsoft Team Up — With A Catch
by San Jose Mercury News
In most of the rest of the country, if you cancel the $21.95-a-month plan before the three years are up, you'll have to repay MSN the full $400. But Californians can cancel any time and never have to pay the company back.

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