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Thursday, January 6, 2000

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Re-engineering Apple
The problem is that if Aqua proves to be too cute, too consumer-friendly, it could well ensure Mac OS X will be perceived — for all its Unix-derived power — as a "toy" OS, even more than the original Mac GUI was to the command-line crowd.

An Auteur Is Born, Via iMac
by New York Times
Want to direct your own epic? Just point and click.


The Apple Of The Internet's Eye
by EE Times
Apple Computer is about to become more than just a computer company. In a keynote address at Macworld Expo on Wednesday, Steve jobs unveiled a business strategy that recasts Apple as an Internet company.

Apple Keeps Going, And Going...
Wednesday's Macworld trade show put an exclamation point on the comeback of Apple Computer. Not only is the once-faltering platform viable, it's actually growing.

Users Critique Apple Computers
by Associated Press
Apple's biggest problem is their price point. To get more mainstream, they really need to bring their prices down. If people are shopping for a really low-priced computer, they're not going to pick a Mac.

MacSoft Details New Game Plans
by MacCentral
At the top of MacSoft's list of Macworld Expo announcements is the news that Driver and Worms Armageddon are coming to the Mac.

The MetaCreations Mystery
One of the items that's really got the Macintosh graphics community talking has nothing to do with Apple: What the hell is going on at MetaCreations Corp.?

CNBC Shows Favorable Coverage Of Apple's New Plans
by The Mac Observer
For one thing, you can't buy coverage like that, especially in the financial community. For another, Apple is being portrayed in a very positive manner which continues to add credibility to the company and its product offerings.

Jobs Drops 'Interim' From Title
by San Jose Mercury News
CEO unveils new OS and Internet strategy.

An End To The Apple Turnover
by Salon
Steve Jobs accepts the inevitable — and embraces the CEO title.

New Features In Mac OS X's Aqua User Interface
Perhaps stung by widespread criticism, Apple revised the QuickTime Player's sound control from a thumbwheel to a good, old-fashioned slider.

Apple Unveils Mac OS X, Readies 'Classic' OS' Retirement
by The Register
Apple's spin doctors describe the 12-month gap between Mac OS X's launch and its bundling with new computers as "a gentle transition" from Mac OS 9 to the new opearting system. Yet Mac OS X is supposedly to be easier to use than the current version — signalling Apple's ongoing attempt to attract first-time users to the platform — but completely compatible with existing apps. In which case, why is there a need for a transition period?

Apple Turns To Net To Reshape Image, Enhance Its Profits
by InfoWorld

Steve's Job Is Permanent
by Wired News
Apple's interim CEO gets a standing ovation when he tells the hordes at Macworld he's losing the "interim" part of his title.


The New Apple
by Low End Mac
It's time to remind ourselves that there's a lot more to a car than horsepower, miles per gallon, and towing capacity. Ditto for computers.

Part Two: The Meat Cleaver Inside The Bouquet
Apple has made a move to reduce the number of Macintosh Web sites, but do the webmasters see what's coming?


Thursday, January 6, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong


What's the deal? Why is iTools a Mac-only application? Why is any internet application platform-specific?

What's the deal? Why is iTools a US/Canada-only application? Why can't a poor fellow living out there in Singapore sign-up for iTools?

What's the deal? Why are there three identical buttons (except for color) lining up there closely together on the top-left of every Mac OS X window?

What's the deal?


AMD Counters Intel With 800-MHz Athlon Chip
AMD shot back at rival Intel today in the ongoing battle for chip supremacy by releasing its fastest Athlon processor to date and by demonstrating a consumer PC that runs at 1 GHz.

MS, Barnes & Noble Team On E-books
by ZDNet
The partnership aims to make every book available electronically.

Microsoft Denies China Ban On Windows 2000
by Reuters
China's Yangcheng Evening News today reported that the Windows 2000 ban was intended to support local software development and would save the government billions of dollars... Officials at several government ministries said that in Beijing they were unaware of such a policy.

Gates: Manufacturers Need To Think 'Smart'
by San Jose Mercury News
Convergence doesn't mean that every piece of gear will be combined into one, Gates said — instead, it means that information will flow easily from one device to another.

Intel Lines Up With Linux
by Wall Street Journal
Intel is expected to announce that a brand of its non-PC Web appliances won't run on Wndows. They will be powered by penguins instead.

Acer Unveils Its First Thin Clients
by Computer Reseller News
Acer America became the latest systems vendor to enter the thin-client market on Monday when it introduced two Windows-based terminals.

Gates Casts Net For New Users
by TechWeb
Microsoft chairman Bill Gates is expected to unveil fresh new details of the company's new Microsoft Home strategy, which is designed to make the Web more relevant to novice end-users' everyday lives — and lure more non-technical customers into the Windows fold.

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