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Saturday, January 8, 2000

Top Stories

X Could Mark The Spot For Apple
by BusinessWeek
Its new operating system, OS X will put Apple on equal footing with the latest Windows.

Interview: Steve Wozniak Unbound
by SlashDot
If you consider attractiveness and other external qualities, you can't find any hardware that comes close to Apple's.

Is Apple's Success Just Interim?
by San Jose Mercury News
Put the balance sheet away, and Apple faces some huge hurdles. Every other major PC maker uses Intel processors and Microsoft Windows operating system in the majority of their machines. And some analysts think it won't be long before those manufacturers devise a way to emulate Apple's success.

Apple Reaching Out To Web For Visibility And Profit
For years Apple Computer has claimed its computers can provide a superior digital experience, and now the company is going to try to prove it on the Web.

The World Needs Steve Jobs
by Upside
[Steve Jobs] has finally succeeded in putting some competition back into the desktop OS game. Many of the innovations Jobs will come up with will be big improvements, even those that are derivative. Microsoft has to be watching,a nd it will have to respoind. Ahh, just like the old days, ain't it?

On Becoming Your Enemy: Apple Redefines Itself As Microsoft
by CBS MarketWatcb
Apple gets to do what Microsoft wanted to do but could not: control the entire user experience from one end to the other, and dictate the terms that its customer base will have little choice but to follow.


System Failure: Why The Press Didn't Understand Y2K
by The New Republic
The New York Times asked on page one whether the billions spent by corporations and the government had really been necessary or whether everyone had been duped by profit-hungry y2k consultants. But, in all the finger-pointing, the media overlooked one obvious villian: the media.

Delivery Ends Five-month Apple Macintosh Drought
by Africa News Online
A shortage of computers, which threatened the livelihood of dealers, has finally ended with the first bulk delivery in five months.

Any Worms In This Apple?
by Associated Press
As the iconoclastic computer executive prepares to rake in the praise at the semiannual Macworld show this week, observers are asking how the company will keep up the momentum.

Hewlett Packard To Re-enter Mac Scanner Market
by MacCentral
Mac users who have been urging Hewlett Packard to again develop and market printers for their favorite computer platform will be getting their wish in the weeks ahead.

iTools - Mac OS 9 Only? Not Quite! ;-)
by iTools Tamer
After some checking, a friend and I determined that you can sign up and use the two best features of iTools, POP based eMail and the very cool iDisk... even on 68k machines running MacOS 7.5.5!

An Apple You Can 'Lick'
by Wired News
What looks good feels good in Appleland. But few people at this week's Macworld Expo seemed to care if stylish spectacle overwhelmed substance.

Apple FireWire Update Address iMac DV, G4 Issues
by MacCentral

Creative Labs Shows Off New Mac Goods
by MacCentral
Creatvie Labs' first appearance at a Macworld Expo is marked by the introduction of three major new products for the Macintosh market.

Expo Tech Report
Apple is still experimenting with the definition of Aqua, so we can expect some changes. Shows "Easter Egg" - Pictures Included By Staff
by The Mac Observer
For a short time yesterday (and perhaps in little bursts over the next few days), Apple's home page was filled with post-it notes, graffiti, and cute comments.

Iomega Announced ZipCD, FireWire Support
by MacCentral
Iomega Corporation has announced Mac compatibility for its ZipCD external Universal Serial Bus CD-ReWritable drive that's expected to begin shipping this quarter.

LaCie Debuts New 12x4x32x CD-RW
by MacCentral
LaCie's new CDBP-12432 drive eliminates the possibilities of buffer overruns and ensures error-free recording at 12x speeds — even when lower-performance personal computers are used.


The End Of The Mac Web (As We Know It)
by MacBC
Apple's "iReview" is the biggest threat to the independent Mac websites that has ever existed.

Is This The Future?
by osOpinion
Apple was giving itself a little space to pull-off something bigger. Dangling the future in front of us, and then handing us something neat to play with. Sort of a snack before Thanksgiving dinner if you will.

by Low End Mac
Now Ryan Meader would have us believe that MacOS Rumors served up nearly one million pages in a single day. Bunk.

Waiting For Pismo
Just when I think Apple has become predictable, it throws a curve ball. Anyone who has attended a Macworld Expo will tell you that Apple uses these trade shows to announce new products... But this year's Macworld Expo in San Francisco was different.

"Users Critique Apple Comptuers" - Some Mainstream Journalists Still Don't Get It
by The Mac Observer
The bottom line is that this article seemed to take the most absurd angles possible on some very unimportant positions involving the Mac market.


Canvas 7 Reviewed
by Macworld UK
Anybody, professional or otherwise, who needs a graphics application should consider Canvas 7... For the money, you won't get this number of features anywhere else.


Saturday, January 8, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

bitesizeAs noted by Jakob Nielsen, this is precisely why we have a Y2K problem.

bitesizeJust in case you haven't notice (okay, so I'm late with this...), has just unveiled a new design. Check it out — it's great!


Voided MSN Rebate Draws Mixed Reaction
by San Jose Mercury News
Sue Selfridge skipped work Friday hoping to save $400 on a new TV and DVD palyer, only to find that Microsoft Corp. had suspended the popular discount program to stop consumers from abusing it.

Microsoft: Stay Connected All The Time
by ZDNet
Microsoft aims to be the provider of software and services that will let users stay connected to the Internet and to each other all the time.

Intel To Sell Celeron-equipped Appliances
by EE Times
Intel this week joined the Internet appliance parade, announcing plans to market hardware and software by midyear under the Intel brand name.

Snafu Prompts Microsoft To Suspend Some PC Rebates
Microsoft has suspended its MSN rebate programs in California and Oregon because a contract provision unintentionally allows customers in those states to wring $400 out of the software giant.

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