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Monday, January 10, 2000

Top Stories

Chrysler, Ford Show Off Concept Vehicles
by Associated Press
Ford's trio of boxy concept vehicles — called 24-7, as in 24 hours, 7 days a week, and inspired by Apple Computer's popular iMacs — aim to merge experimental technologies... The 24-7 wagon, coupe and pickup look like smooth, birhtly painted pods, more like the exterior of the egg-shaped, fruity-colored iMac than a car.

Steve Jobs' Apple Gets Way Cooler
by Fortune
Mr. Apple's new mission: to marry the iMac and the Internet with an easy-to-use new operating system and free Web services for everything from your photos to your home page. If it works, Microsoft, AOL, and others will be playing catch-up with a company left for dead two years ago.

Apple Over The Years
If we see as much progress this year as we've seen last year, things will be incredible! I think I'm going to have a very happy year. I certainly expect that Apple will, and I wish everyone else the same.


Magic Schoolbus Returns To The Mac
by MacCentral
After a considerable absence, Scholastic's Magic School Bus edutainment series is almost ready to drive back to the Mac.

Stuffit Deluxe 5.5 Gets It Right
by MacCentral
The number one priority of the group was quality. 5.5 is one of the best StuffIt products Aladdin has ever released.

3 Years Ago: Readers Give Apple A Thumbs-up
This week's NEWS.COM reader poll asked whether or not Apple CEO Gil Amelio announced a winning strategy this week for during his Macworld Expo keynote... The plan is strong, at least in theory. But many were cautious about Apple's ability to deliver everything it has promised, or at least deliver it on time.


Monday, January 10, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Rumors indicate that Apple's Palm-based PDA are already rolling out of Taiwan.

The Aqua look on windows?

As a platform application developer, it is a Good Thing that Microsoft has a Web Browser embedded into the operating system. However, is this also true for content developer and web application developer? I'm not so sure. How should Apple respond?


AMD Gaining Ground With Athlon
by ZDNet
First it won over Gateway's Select PC. Now the chip maker's new deal with Pionex Elite gives it a beachhead in the corporate market.

Can The New Empire Avoid Titanic Clashes?
With so much star power involved, and the egos behind it, concerns have already arisen over the possibility of boardroom clashes as monumental as the merger itself, the largest in history.

Intel Lowers Celeron Prices
by Electronic Buyers' News
Intel on Monday nudged its desktop Celeron prices lower as part of what it called a normal pricing move.

Court Lets Microsoft Stock Ruling Stand
The U.S. Supreme Court today rejected Microsoft's appeal of a ruling that thousands of temporary and contract workers were eligible to buy discounted stock in the software giant.

I.B.M. To Use Linux System In Internet Software
by New York Times
IBM, the standard-bearer of mainstream corporate computing, plans to announce Monday that it is placing a big bet on Linux, a symbol of software's counterculture, as the operating system of the future for the Internet.

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