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Wednesday, January 12, 2000


SF Expo Tops Attendance Records
Last week's Macworld Expo/San Francisco set an all-time high for attendance at the West Coast show, organizers said Wednesday. More than 85,000 people attended the 16th annual event, which IDG Expo Management Co. hailed as the most successful San Francisco Expo ever.

Mac OS X Server Goes To 1.2
by MacCentral
Mac OS X Server 1.2 offers substantially increased stability at the kernel level, but with only minimal improvements to the desktop environment, according to Scott Anguish of Stepwise.


by The PowerBook Source
What other technology company can claim to be easy to use and not be laughted out of the room? And if no one else can do it, then Apple has given people another reason to buy Macintosh.

The Top Ten Cool Things To Do With Your iBook
Take it around the neighborhood and see if you can connect to anyone else's wireless network.

Paranoia Probably Justified But Ultimately Destructive
There are lots of ways to fight against benevolent homogenization, and creating other choices is one of them.

OS Xing: Expo Tech Report, Part Two
"All of the big things are well on their way to being complete."... At this stage, Apple is making refinements to [Mac OS X], not implementing new, major components.


Wednesday, January 12, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Wired News joins in the rumor-mongering with this article on the possible strategic relationship between Apple and Palm Computing.

Can't wait for Mac OS X? Well, at least you can download some pretty desktop pictures from MacDesktops to temporary quency your thrist for now...

Pismo: here they come! Or so claims The first (demo?) unit will be arriving latest February 18...

Y2K is the year of mega-mergers. Watch out for the day when Microsoft buys the U.S. Government.


DOJ Calls Report Of Microsoft Breakup "Inaccurate"
The Justice Department described as "inaccurate" a news report today indicating the government had decided to break up Microsoft, although it stepped away from providing details about ongoing negotiations with the company.

Report: Government Lawyers Propose Splitting Microsoft
by Bloomberg
Microsoft could be split up under a proposal that U.S. government lawyers will offer in talks with the company, according to reports.

Compaq, Microsoft Cut Hosting Deal
Compaq Computer has cut yet another deal for hosting corporate applications, this time in partnership with Microsoft.

Merger May Produce Rival Microsoft Has Dreaded
by New York Times
After America Online's move on Monday to buy Time Warner Inc., at $165 billion the largest merger in history, Microsoft suddenly seems less threatening — less the irresistible army of the Internet era. AOL Time Warner, as the new company is to be called, promises to be a formidable power in its own right, perhaps more powerful in some ways than Microsoft.

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