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Tuesday, January 18, 2000

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Macintosh 2000 Revisited
by Low End Mac
Eight years ago, Henry Bortman [in MacUser] guessed what today's Mac would be. Today we're evaluating his predictions.

Apple's NeXT Enterprise Moves
Apple has compelling, world-class enterprise solutions that are going to take more time and development money to build momentum. Their success will also require a shift in the industry's closed-minded attitude about Apple. Personally, I think it will happen as long as Apple keeps pounding away at stupidity and showing the superiority of what it does.


Nitty Gritty Look At MSIE 5.0 Beta: The God, The Bad & The Really Ugly
by Daily iMac
While currently I'm a big fan of IE and have been long awaiting IE 5.0, its auction trackert, the speed boost, and other features, I'm fast become wary of the trend towards lack of choice.

I Just Want My AirPort To Work
Any Apple employees out there? I want this thing to work. I'm not trying to bash Apple. I just want my wireless networking to work! Somebody help me! Please? Plee-hee-hee-ease!

Raising The Dead
by Low End Mac
Well it finally happened. After years of dispensing advice on how to revive dead Macs, I finally had one go dead on me while doing email.

Future Success Looks Fruitful For Apple
by Cox News Service
Now, no one is predicting anything but continued success for Apple and Mac in the near future.


Quake 3 Arena
by Go2Mac
Id Software has been the standard-bearer for all things related to the first person perspective shooter since publishing their breakthrough title "Wolfenstein 3D" over 10 years ago. With the release of "Quake 3 Arena" Id hopes to continue this tradition by updating the game play and graphics of the shooter game.

Tin Ear
by San Francisco Examiner
I did, however, get the recognition rate to improve when I spoke in slow, robotic cadence... Not the sort of thing I'd expect of the next big thing in computing. ViaVoice was, in my opinion, a bust. You want voice-driven computers? Tune in to "Star Trek."


Tuesday, January 18, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Apparently, either Apple has changed its logo again, or I've just discovered a very old article from Wall Street Journal. (Wall Street Journal requires a subscription for reading its article; and that's the reason I have no idea what the actual article actually says...)

"So you want some free Mac games, huh?" Or are you just trying to find some childhood memories? Either way, there's the Macintosh Games Machine. I just downloaded HeartQuest.

Apple pulls another Microsoft? According to Mac OS Rumors (which you shouldn't believe in the first place) Mac OS X will have Sherlock integrated into the Finder. It's no longer a separate application sitting in your Apple Menu Items folder. However, it's not like there are a lot of third-parties Find application lying around in the first place...


Strong Encryption For Win 2000
by Reuters
Microsoft Corp. said Tuesday it would release its Windows 2000 operating system worldwide using strong encryption, in the first major product to be exported witht he security feature since the government eased export controls on heavily coded software.

Microsoft Scoffs At Government Findings
Microsoft took the offense early in the filing, relying on more than 20 years of precedents to show that, in legal terms, it did not violate two sections of the Sherman Act. As expected, Microsoft argued int he findings that even if Jackson's findings are accepted as fact, the government failed to satisfy the burden of proof necessary under antitrust law.

Rumors Of Microsoft Breakup Proposal Not Surprising
Legal experts today said they are not surprised by reports that government lawyers are proposing a breakup of software giant Microsoft and that news of the plan yesterday was most likely leaked to accelerate settlement discussions.

Be Refocuses Multimedia OS For Net Appliances
by Computer Reseller News
Be, the 10-year-old brainchild of former Apple executive Jean-Louis Gasse, is trying to expand its identity from that of a multimedia operating system maker to a systmes software developer for Internet devices and appliacnes. To push that platform, the... company siad that it will offer its forthcoming BeOS 5 free over the Internet... and will pursue an additional public stock offering.

Microsoft Beats Estimates With Another Big Quarter
Although much of the focus on Microsoft lately has been on lawsuits and executives switches, the company today got back to its strong suit — profits — by reporting higher than expected quarterly earnings of 47 cents a share, excluding extraordinary charges.

Bill Gates Will Improve Software From Now On
by The Mac Observer
If there is one asset that Bill Gates can brag about it is intelligence.

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