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Thursday, January 20, 2000

Top Stories

A Jobs With Good Pay
by Wired News
Steve Jobs, the man who revolutionized the market for everything from graphical operating systems to candy-colored computers, could be doing the same for executive compensation.

Apple: The Best Revenge Is Living Well
by The Motley Fool
Though I've seen articles today that continue to raise questions about what Apple does for its next trick, I would have thought that an Internet that becomes more and more based on delivering visual content is right up Jobs' alley. What with his success in developing Pixar, and the visual orientation of all of Apple's major successes, it seems to me that we're now entering the sweet spot of the cycle for a visual visionary such as Jobs.

$40 Million Jet Is Reward For Jobs' Job Well Done
by San Jose Mercury News
An expert on executive compensation called the package unusual but deserved. "I can't image a shareholder of Apple, unless it's Bill Gates, who begrudges Jobs the jet or the options. That's not to change the fact that this is very highly unusual."


What Ever Happened To Don Crabb?
Don Crabb was supposed to get married on Saturday, December 4, but it didn't happen. He hadn't been feeling well for several weeks and, while preparing for the ceremony, he collapsed... The good news is that Don is feeling much better.

Details And Specs On Steve's New Plane (With Pics)
by The Mac Observer
It's a big jet. A nice jet. It's one of the more serious private jets one can buy and is often associated with high profile corporate execs and oil sheiks.

My Mother's iMac
by Macworld
My mother's iMac is lime green, which, according to an article on Adobe's website means that my mother is a stable, balanced type of person. This is generally true. But there's another side to her. This is the mother that calls me at work in tears, and says that she wishes she never bought the stupid machine.

Analysts Predict New Highs For Apple
On the heels of Apple's announcement of a better-than-expected $183 million profit for the first fiscal quarter of 2000, analysts told MacWEEK they expect the company to continue to make strong financial gains this year.


Where's The G4/500?
by Low End Mac
With the G4 teething problems at 500 MHz and beyond, Apple's great hope may be Mystic, the rumored dual-G4 Power Mac.

iMacs And iBooks Drive Apple Profits
by Arizona Central
Once again, Apple's unit sales continued to outpace the rest of the personal computer industry, the "Dark Side."


Star Wars Episode 1 Racer
by Macworld UK
Racer is the best racing game ever seen on the Mac.

Unreal Tournament
Unreal Tournament offers everything you'd want from a first-personal shooter and manages to add in a few new interesting twists to the crowded, copied genre.


Thursday, January 20, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Now that we've seen WinAqua, how about, er, well, MacAqua?

For some reasons, I like this quote from a technical support person... "One woman bought an iMac, took it out of the box, and then called us and said 'Well, we've got the monitor, where's the computer?'"

Shawn King, of Mac Show, wrote in to say that, no, Apple has not changed its logo again. Apparently, the Wall Street Journal has just noticed the change recently. (Oh, and Mr King was quoted in the article too. "It's like your little brother has finally got a new set of clothes; Instead of sneakers, he's wearing a nice business suit. He's grown up." Thanks, Shawn, for writing in.


Intel Seeks To Ban Import Of Via Chipsets
Intel has filed yet another complaint against chipmaker Via Technologies, this time asking a government agency to bar the Taiwanese company from importing products into the United States.

Observers Not Ready To Embrace The Crusoe
by San Jose Mercury News
Observers said despite the impressive technology — and an equally impressive executive team — it's far from certain Transmeta can live up to its promise of revolutionizing the way microprocessors are designed.

Or Not To Be
by Forbes
By effectively killing off its primary source of revenue, Be has put its long-term viability as a free standing company in question.

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