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Wednesday, January 26, 2000

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Developers Dig Into Carbon
As Apple's next-generation OS has evolved from Rhapsody to Mac OS X Server to Mac OS X, we've seen waves of developer commit theirsupport to Apple's future operating system.

Apple Europe Chief Quits
It's believed that the sudden departure of Piacentini might initiate more U.S. inovolvement in the general day-to-day operations of Apple's European operations.

Taste-testing Aqua
by Salon
Watching the cute icon pictures of the new "dock" dance across the bottom of the Macworld demo screen, I couldn't help thinking that Apple may be making some bad choices of flash over usability.

Analyzing Aqua, Part Two
Apple is on the right track. The look [of Aqua] is pleasant and Mac users, Windows users and newbies should all be able to pick up on Aqua's basic behaviors.


Apple Renames AirPort For Japan
After reporting that a Japanese trademark on the name "AirPort" had forced it to find another moniker for the local market, Apple Japan on Wednesday announced that it will sell the Mac wireless-LAN products under the name "AirMac".

IE 5 Due In Late February Or Early March
by MacCentral
Microsoft's Mac Business Unit plans on release the final version of Internet Explorer 5 in late February or early March. Also, while there's no longer direct access to Apple's Sherlock, you're not forced to use the Microsoft Search Engine instead.

Apple And Jobs Take Off: The Meaning Of A Jet Plane
by osOpinion
It has achieved its goals. It grows in sales and in profits, and has clear-cut product and corporate strategies. Its survival is as assured as that of any other Silicon Valley inmate. It's off the hook, and it knows it, and that's why it's sending the world, analysts, customers, developers, competitors, a very clear message in the shape of that prize.

Apple Pulls Mac OS 9 AUdio Update 1.2
by MacCentral
Apple has pulled Mac OS 9 AUdio Update 1.2 from its download servers, and the company is apparently reworking the software package.

XLR8's Parent Company Goes Chapter 11
by The Mac Observer
It is the very success of Apple that has impacted the upgrade market. Apple puts out sexy machines that make people want to buy them instead of upgrading their old machines.


Helping Readers Make Informed Purchase Decisions Is Not "Rumor-Mongering"
I do not see it as my responsibility to keep readers uninformed about likely specification upgrades in future models for fear that they might postpone an iBook purchase until the upgraded models arrive.

The Squared Circle
by MacCentral
My sole fear for the company is that Apple, the one computer company which is demonstrably still interested in setting the pace instead of following it, abandons its pursuit of forward-thinking concepts entirely. For if Apple doesn't create the future, wherever will the rest of the Industry get its ideas?


Wednesday, January 26, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Anyone care for an AirMac? That's how the Japanese will get to know the AirPort in the land of the rising sun. AirPort, as we all know, has already been registered as a trademark by another company over there earlier on...

Poor Steve Jobs. Apparently, he had just suffered a 10 percent cut in his annual salary...

AppleSurf, the Malkovich's version.

Apparently, Microsoft is fudging the benchmarking results for Windows 2000. So, what's new in the tech world?


Microsoft Prepares Fixes, Updaes For Windows 2000
With a couple of weeks remaining before the official release of Windows 2000, Microsoft is already preparing a package of fixes and updates, sources say.

MS Operating Systems: What's Next?
by ZDNet
Windows 2000. Windows Millennium. Whistler. CE. Confused? Here's a guide to the future of Windows.

Microsoft's Java Initiative Grows Cold
The protracted lawsuit by Java inventor Sun Microsystems against Microsoft has yet to force the software giant out of that market. As it drags on, however, the battle may be eroding Microsoft's ability to stay competitive.

Sun Slashes Solaris Prices, Opens Code In Marketing Move
Sun Microsystems will move its SOlaris operating system two steps in the direction of Linux, cutting its price and making it easier to scrutinize the software's blueprints, the company will announce tomorrow.

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