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Friday, January 28, 2000

Top Stories

Utility Meets Fashion
by Boston Globe
It's not hard to understand why the iMac made such a big impact on the consumer computer market. Computers, after all, had long since become a boring commodity for most of us. Apple's genius was realizing that the only way it could attract consumers to its nonstandard operating system was by recruiting those who were willing to ''think different.'' Not surprisingly, one of the easiest ways of appealing to people who think differently from the rest is by offering computers in a variety of different colors. It was the ultimate refutation of today's Henry Fords who inhabit the hallways of Compaq and Dell - companies that are willing to sell you a desktop computer in any color you want, so long as it's beige.

iMac Goes Indie; You're In The Director's Chair
by San Francisco Examiner
iMovie, in short, is probably one of the most compelling pieces of software you can load into your iMacs. It's also probably the most fun and, most important, one of the easiest multimedia titles out there.

Analyzing Aqua, Part Four
So we interface geeks have to care more than casual users do. Mac users also generally care more, and they tend to understand interfaces better. That's why they want to make sure Aqua doesn't devolve into something more like — or "as good as" — Windows. But even if Aqua is only a better Windows — as opposed to a better Mac — it will still be better than the alternatives.


2 Years Ago: Newton May Be The Next To Fall From Apple's Tree
by San Francisco Chronicle
Now three sources close to the Newton division say software engineers working on Newton have been told to look for other jobs. "They're gonna bag the eMate," one source said, referring to a Newton laptop designed for school kids. "Evidently, it's already been done, but Apple people can't talk about it under penalty of being fired," the source said.

2 Years Ago : Ellison: Jobs Is Best Apple CEO
[Apple] has the best interim CEO in the world.

Ambrosia Ships Ferazel's Wand
by MacCentral
Ferazel's Wand puts players in control of Ferazel the Habnabit, a magic-using subterranean dweller on a quest to free his land of Teraknorn from the clutches of the dread queen Xichra and her evil minions. An action game with side-scrolling graphics, Ferazel's Wand uses advanced special effects, such as multi-layer parallax scrolling, which gives the game a 3D effect.

Corel Draws Up Mac Plans
This year, we are much more recognized as a Mac developer. Two years ago, almost no Mac users would have heard about Corel. Now we have been through a number of shows, shoing our Mac products, and people are starting to take notice of Corel. We are now one of the very serious player in the Mac market.


Aqua: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly
After my initial excitement I started carefully reviewing the video of the demonstration and I got a bit worried about Aqua and the direction Apple is heading. These comments relate to the demo which is a work in progress. I hope my concerns are horribly off base and that all the issues I bring up are solved when OS X is finally released.

The Need For An Apple Game Studio
by MacCentral
Producing a showcase game for the Mac is only one potential benefit to an Apple-owned game studio. The studio could also serve as a nerve center for testing new development techniques and new Apple technologies — for really showing off what the platform can do, not just for gamers, but also for game developers.

Drawin Isn't OS X
Despite Apple's bolder approach, Darwin doesn't have Linux's — or even FreeBSD's — momentum yet. Apple has yet to impart the necessary energy to start things moving appreciably. And unlike Solaris, which already has a large installed based in the real world, OS X and Darwin will be playing catch-up for sometime. Until we see developer-usable releases of Darwin, inertia will continue to win, though I do think that OS X and Darwin can succeed against Solaris, if Apple starts taking Darwin's specific needs seriously.


Friday, January 28, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Top ten things David Letterman said while in the hospital.

I just happened to see this. Any one knows how long the "Stay Tuned" has been there?

If you didn't get it right the first time... predict the same thing again. The latest rumor about Pismo comes from MacTeens...

Anybody want some snow (powder, 12"+, buyer must pick up) over at eBay?

Why did Apple register the domain name According to Mac OS Rumors, Apple will ship an Internet Phone product that "utilizes Quicktime's A/V capabilities to transmit and receive streaming multimedia to any other iPhone user".

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