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Monday, January 31, 2000


Reports Of Mozilla's Failure May Have Been Greatly Exaggerated Or Why Mozilla Will Change The Web... Again
by mozillaZine
The only reasons that make sense for Mozilla's current bad press are impatience and journalists that are paying attention to anything but the impressive Mozilla code and its features.


A tribute to really fine father-in-law, who just might have handled the on-the-road trials and tribulations of an Internet editor with more aplomb and a lot more humor.

Apple's Secrecy And Its Right To Be Paranoid
Maybe we are giving ourselves too much credit: maybe Apple doesn't give one whit about the customers — our levels of information access, anyway — and is more concerned about keeping its corporate competitors from getting their mitts on advance info of Apple products, knowing they'd love to steal Apple's thunder by announcing their competing and duplicate product(s).

Call Me Crazy, But I Think Apple's Gone Nuts
by TechWeb
Apple is taking a pass on [Seybodl Seminars Boston 2000], reportedly because it's not one of its core market shows. Excuse me? When did this happen?

Time To Move To BeOS?
by osOpinion
The one solution for the Mac users that resent this influx of "newbies" is to move on. No, not get over the fact that the Mac is no longer a hallmark of difference but move on to another platform. There is no shortage of Operating Systems that need the skills that Mac evangelists have honed over the years.


Monday, January 31, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Anyone found anything wrong with this photo? Dan Gillmor correctly described this little banner: arrogant.

You may be able to upgrade your iMac after all. AppleInsider reports that Newer Technology will be announcing processor upgrade packages soon.

One of the problem with rollovers is that additional information are only presented when you move the mouse cursor over it. Here's an example of where information is taken away from you during rollover. (Watch the rollover graphics at the bottom of the web page.) Horrible!

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