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Wednesday, February 2, 2000


iTools Terms Of Service Threatens Subscribers' Privacy
by Apple's Orchard
Apple's terms of service for its iTools subscribers may reveal some devious motives on Apple's part.


Aqua: Consumers Only?
by Macworld UK
The main reasons that Aqua was on show at January's San Francisco Macworld Expo was to wow the crowds and gain maximum press coverage. Worried pros should take a deep breath and wait for further pro-fuelled details at May's Worldwide Developers Conference. Even if you don't rate the glamour touches, you should be bowled over by the performance of all your key apps - especially after they're rewritten in native OS X code.

Will Mac OS X Run Well On A G3?
by The Mac Observer
Can a G3 handle this? There is no doubt that Steve Jobs' Mac OS X demonstration was done on a G4. Meanwhile, he didn't really tell us about G3 performance on the modern operating system. And he bragged about gigaflops! Was it a sign of the requirements to run Mac OS X with decent performance?

Apple's Wide-angle Video Focus
Let's just hope that in its efforts to capture the next big market, Apple doesn't neglect its established ones. Now that Windows 2000 is finally approaching commercial availability, many professionals are wondering what it will do to the Macintosh in fields such as publishing or digital imaging. Hopefully, the company will provide answers as as the ones it's currently presenting DV enthusiasts.


Virtual PC 3.0 With Windows 98
It took me a year to convince my boss that networking Macs and PCs would be quick and painless. I don't think I ever really succeeded. In the end, it was Virtual PC that showed him the light.

iMAXpowr G3/466
by Insanely Great Mac
Newer Technology's iMAXpowr G3 466 upgrade is a CPU upgrade for older iMacs. The upgrade allows iMac owners to boost their CPU speeds in their existing machines. The upgrade is a first of its kind, which increases iMac CPU performance by as much as 100%.


Wednesday, February 2, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

AppleInsider has a story on the shortage of faster G4 chip.


Microsoft Files Response To Government Rebuttal
Additional briefs filed today in the Microsoft antitrust trial case cast the software maker's behavior in strikingly different lights.

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