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Monday, February 7, 2000

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Wanted: A Killer PowerBook
by Low End Mac
The [Dell Inspiron] 7500 clearly demonstrates that the computer I want can be made today. And when Apple gets around to building it, I'll be at the head of the line to buy one.

Corel To Buy Programming Toolmaker For $2.44 Billion
Linux software maker Corel has agreed to acquire programming toolmaker Inprise/Borland in a stock deal valued at $2.44 billion, the companies said. The result will be a company focused more strongly on luring customers to Linux.


Aqua Theme Released
by MacCentral
If you want to get that much-discussed Aqua look on your Mac before Mac OS X arrives this summer, now you can.

Taking Chips To 10GHz... And Beyond
by ZDNet
Want a PC that's 100 times more powerful than a 1,000 MHz desktop? Then meet the army of microprocessor engineers hell bent on breaking the 10GHz barrier.

Exercising Options Could End Up Taxing You
by San Jose Mercury News
The script is simple. You get stock options, you get rich, you retire early. Not so fast.

Epson Unveils New Photo Printers
Epson American Inc. on Thursday unveiled three new inkjet printers for consumers and users of digital cameras.


Aperance Verses Reality On The Mac Web
Herein lies one troubling after effect of the rumor mills' errors; we doubt Apple... Indeed, Steve Jobs hates these sites (so do we),and he is right they hurt Apple by raising false expectations which are later dashed.

The Dubious Economics Of Processor Upgrades
by Low End Mac
The operative question: do processor upgrades make good economic sense, or are they a false economy?

The Internet And The Pastry Hut Cafe
Uncle Roger's iBook, Easy Running, and Cherry Pie on the Prairie. Email, the Internet, and digital pix make life easier, but what can they do for a rusty tractor?


Surf Doubler Plus
Overall, SurfDoubler is an awesome probram, mainly because it allows you to have more than one computer connected to the Internet and also because of its amazing acces controls and filters.

Graphire Pen And Mouse Tablet
Overall, though the Graphire tablet is sound, I don't recommend it spurchase for most iUsers.

Software For Babies: Is It Really Necessary
by Knight Ridder Newspaper
I don't claim any expertise in child psychology, but I can't believe lapware is any more valuable than a hundred other ways parents interact with young children, or that a child gets any special advantage from lapware.

Dreamweaver 3
by Macworld
Web editing tools have to walk a fine line between designers who don't want to get boged down by HTML and programmers who want the kind of control only code-hacking can provide. Dreamweaver 3 finally calls a truce between these two sides.

Smart Steps Kindergarten
by MacCentral
Smart Steps Kindergarten offers plenty of inviting educational activities. Younger children may also be able to participate in some of the lessons offered by this title.


Monday, February 7, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

A new 15.3" screen for new PowerBooks coming this July, and G3 at 550 and 600 MHz this April. All these from Mac OS Rumors.

Pismo, the next version of PowerBook, will include a model with a G3 chip, rather than the G4. And John Carmack, the man behind Quake, is going to tackle Apple's Darwin next. Or so reports Mac OS Rumors.


Intel: Upcoming Itanium Chip Will Hit 800 MHz
Intel confirmed today that its next-generation, high-end processor will come out at 800 MHz when it debuts later this year.

Be To Launch New Operating System
by Reuters
On Monday, the company will unveil at the Demo2000 conference a new operating system called BeIA which is targeted at the nascent but potentially hot market for Internet appliances.

Dell Eyes ISPs, Web Hosting
by Reuters
Dell Computer has formed a sales and marketing division aimed at Internet service providers and Web hosting companies.

Microsoft's Allchin Backs All-inclusive OS Strategy
by InfoWorld
We spent $160 million, give or take, just on the reliability aspects of the products, so we've taken it very seriously.

Gates Enter UK Lottery Bid
by Reuters
Bill Gates back Virgin founder Richard Branson's bid to run Britain's National Lottery — says his software can raise billions for charity.

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