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Wednesday, February 9, 2000

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Tough Time For CPU Upgrade Vendors
The question... is whether the iMac upgrade is too late to rescue Newer from its creditors — and its competitors. If it is too late, it would be a sad ending for a 16-year-old company that was among the first vendors of hardware components for the Mac.

Will The Internet Break Windows?
by Wide Open News
How unimaginably difficult it must be for [Mr Ballmer] to ask the really hard question: Are we in the Windows business or the software business?

Scandals, NDAs, Rumors, And The Threat Of Attack: Why Mac Webmasters Are Great
It is more than just working on a computer: it's working with people, whether they be fellow webmasters or readers.


Adobe Unveils LiveMotion
by Macworld
Web animation tool will compete with Macromedia's Flash.

Hasbro Targets MacSoft Titles In Lawsuit
by MacCentral
The suit centers around alleged copyright violations from software titles that utilizes gameplay elements, looks and styles that appear to be influenced by games that are either owned or licensed by Hasbro and Atari.

Apple Updates iMovie To Version 1.0.2
by MacCentral
There are several fixes incorporated in the new version of iMovie including: improved audio quality when importing clips with high audio levels; the program now properly displays dates for clips taken after 12/31/99; and improved handling of imported 12-bit audio.

StarOffice Coming To The Mac, But No Timetable Set
by MacCentral
Sun is planning a Mac port and a schedule will be announced when the requirements have been reviewed.

2 Years Ago: Apple Seeks Cheap Mac Boost
by Reuters
"We are concerned about Apple not having a sub-$1,200 product. Today, to buy a Macintosh you need to spend at least $1,500."... [General manager for Europe, Diego] Piacentini gave no details but said Apple would not license another manufacturer to sell cheaper machines.


Think Choices
by Low End Mac
Has Apple gone too far in simplifying the line? After all, their ad slogan is Think Different, yet the consumer is required to do that different thinking from a relatively restricted line of models.


Power Pete Retuns As Mighty Mike
by MacSoldiers
Why is it that a five year old game that essentially looks just as it did 5 years ago be a cause for celebration?

Two USB KVM Switches
by MacNN
Keyboard Video Mouse switches... allow you to share a number of computers with only one monitor and set of input devices.

Fly! is actually more fun to look at then it is to play. Rather than spend the time learning to fly, I would've just as soon found someone who already knows and just watch him/her land at O'Hare duirng a snowstorm.

QuicKeys 4.0
by Macworld
The Macintosh interface, although easy to use, is sometimes frustrating for control freaks — er, we mean power users... CE Software's QuicKeys has always been the king of Maicntosh automation, and the 4.0 release secures that crown even more tightly.


Wednesday, February 9, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Mac OS Rumors offers a glimpse into the upcoming AppleWorks 6 from Apple.


Microsoft Moves Further Into Home Networking Market
by Reuters
Software giant Microsoft said today it would take an equity stake in Itran Communications, which makes hardware and software that allows the transmission of data through home power lines.

BET Chief: Content Will Bridge Divide
by Reuters
African Americans will flock to the Web once they see it as a tool as vital as cell phones and TV, a leading media executive says, addressing the "Digital Divide," a gap between U.S. technology haves and have nots.

EU Begins Windows 2000 Probe
by Reuters
The European Commission is investigating whether some of the features of Windows 2000 may breach European Union antitrust law.

Inside The Leviathan
by The Atlantic
A short and stimulating brush with Microsoft's corporate culture.

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