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Thursday, February 10, 2000

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Back To The G3
by Low End Mac
To be taken seriously in the age of 700-800 MHz processors, Apple has got to move forward on the MHz front, even if it means moving back to the G3 on the Power Mac.

Andrew Stone On X
Apple uses Cocoa almost exclusively for developing mission-critical and new applications. We'll hear more about Cocoa when the time is right, i.e., when the majority of the old Mac developers have committed to Mac OS X.


More Now Leaving Silicon Valley Than Arriving
by New York Times
For the first time in five years, more people are moving out of Silicon Valley than moving in — a sign that high-priced center of the high-tech revolution may be losing its hometown appeal.

Self-publishing: An Insider's Guide To Hell
by Inside Mac Games
Developing games is a great profession - it's creative, challenging, and fun! Publishing, on the other hand, is a royal pain in the rea, and I have a great respect for those who can pull it off while keeping their sanity.

PC Platform Or Macintosh?
by Associated Press
You know, Apple seems to be coming back with the iMac, don't you think?

New Tools Take Center Stage At Seybold
Executives from Adobe, Macromedia and Quark touted new tools and offered sneak peeks at forthcoming products Wednesday morning at the annual Seybold Seminars Boston / Publishing trade show.

Connectix Beats Sony In Virtual Game Station Lawsuit
by MacCentral
The battle is over and Sony has lost. Connectix announced today that its PlayStation emulator, Virtual Game Station, would begin shipping immediately after the courts lifted a Preliminary Injunction.

Who Needs A PDA?
by Industry Standard
Worldwide, cell phones outsold palmtops last year by a ratio of more than 60-to-1. Don't be surprised to see the gap widen.


The iMac G4
by Low End Mac
The pieces seem to fit together for a 17" iMac G4 this summer.

What's Gone Wrong With PowerPC?
If Intel can crank up the antiquated P6 design to 700 MHz and Motorola can't get the much more recent G4 up to 500MHz, something has to be wrong. That something, I believe, is exactly the same thing that was wrong at Motorola in the 68040 days.

The Real Reality Distortion Field
Apple can only embrace the reality distortion of the Internet with grave risk. Even their very first initiatives raise serious ethical questions, yet they seem oblivious to the impacts. Where Microsoft has gone wrong, where CNN has gone wrong, and where Nightline has gone wrong, how will Apple, the Camelot hardware company, fare?


Speak Easy
ViaVoice may not be perfect, but then the word processors of the early 80's are primitive by today's persepective. ViaVoice serves a niche market, but what it does, it does well. It's certainly worth looking into if you're interested in speech recognition — just don't expect miracles.


Thursday, February 10, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Apple listens? Reports from Mac OS Rumors indicates that the new Aqua Finder might include an option to allow users to "view as desktop" that will emulate what the current Finder does on the desktop.


EU To Further Scrutinize Microsoft
by Reuters
The European Union said today it had further investigations pending involving Microsoft, in addition to the one announced on Wednesday regarding the firm's new opearting system Windows 2000.

MS Moves To Mandatory Registration
by ZDNet
Retail versons of Office 2000 will require a form of user registration — or the software will disappear.

Intel Says 64-bit Chip Is Ready For E-biz
by InternetWeek
If Windows 2000 isn't enough to convince IT managers that the Wintel platform is ready for e-business, Intel is betting that its forthcoming 64-bit Itanium processor will give further credibility to the platform's added scalability.

Corel-Imprise A 'Royal Flush'
by Upside
The way I see it, one of the companies has the ten and the king. The other has the jack, queen and ace. Individually, they're OK, but together they're a royal flush.

The Microsoft Treadmill
by Industry Standard
Redmond is pushing Windows 2000 as the ultimate e-commerce server. But will this be the last time customers upgrade?

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