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Saturday, February 12, 2000

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Move To Windows 2000 May Not Be Smooth For All
One in four corporations making the move to Microsoft's Windows 2000 will run into problems getting the operating system to work with existing software and systems, according to an industry research firm.


Wichita Tech Firm Petitions Creditors
by The Wichita Eagle
Singapore's TRI-M will become majority owner of Wichita's Newer Technology Inc. if a plan to satisfy Newer's creditors works out, a Newer executive said this week.

Jobs Denies Apple Restricted Sales Of iMacs
by MacNN
FreeMac's story is bogus. They can buy Macs from any Apple reseller. No one ever tried to stop them.

Connectix CEO Muses On Virtual Game Station's Future
by MacCentral
In a nutshell, this ruling sayss that what we think of as classic reverse engineering is legal. That's important because we're entering an age populated by novel devices that play novel forms of media. The original manufacturers of these new devices want to control the market by making the devices and the media proprietary. But other companies want to compete and should be allowed to develop competitive products.


"AirPort Ate My Wallet!" (A True Story)
by MacAddict
Do you have on-the-road Internet access settings on your iBook? Do you have AirPort? Better read this!

It's Showtime For Apple
by ZDNet
The decision to ditch Apple Expo UK and Seybold in favor of a big splash at Internet World makes plenty of Machiavellian sense in the long term — and it paints a clear (if unsurprising) picture of the crossover market Apple hopes to capture from a growing field of competitors.


Saturday, February 12, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

An interesting commercial from The Lot...

Get your own virtual vanity license plate. I have mine.

iGum, in all five flavors. I wonder what Graphite would taste like...


Bugfest! Win2000 Has 63,000 'Defects'
by Sm@rt Reseller
Urging developers to clean up their code, a Microsoft exec says: 'How many of you would spend $500 on a piece of software with over 63,000 potential known defects?' It ships Thursday.

AMD Busts Out 850 MHz Athlon
by ZDNet
AMD retakes the speed record with its newest chip, but 1GHz is just around the corner. Who will make it there first?

Microsoft Confirms IE 5.5 Uninstall Bugs
by Computer Reseller News
Some are calling it the beta from hell.

Microsoft Falls After OS Report, Dell's Comments
by Reuters
Microsoft shares fell in heavy trading today as a study questioned whether Windows 2000 will interact smoothly with other software.

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