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Monday, February 14, 2000

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Sugar Water
So, while Jobs has turned Apple around financially, it is with mixed feelings that I see his notable contributions to the "The Next Big Thing" consist largely of computers in Kook-Aid colors, a new user interface that you want to lick, and a company focus on games and on turning home videos into movies for the consumer's pleasure. Are we changing the world or are we just selling sugar water?

Apple To Make Bold Changes With OS X
by Cox News Service
Apple is preparing to embark on its most ambitious new product since the introduction of the original Macintosh 16 years ago.


Apple Shares Jump Amid Speculation On New Products
by Reuters
Shares of Apple Computer Inc. jumped on Monday, amid speculation on Wall Street that the company's co-founder and chief executive, Steve Jobs, will unveil more new products at Macworld Tokyo later this week.

Major Canadian Retailer Discontinues Apple Products
by MacNN
A major Canadian Macintosh retailer has decided to stop selling the Apple product line because of low margins, no price protection an difficulty in getting adequate supplies of Macintoshes.


Rumor Or Speculation?
by Low End Mac
Simply stated, Apple does not seem interested in shipping any computer that can compete with the Power Mac G4/450.

iPalm, Pismo, And 17" iMacs; Stop The Speculation!
Haven't you gotten sick of seeing a "Pismo" article on every Mac site? Why can't we just wait and see what comes?!?!?

Interpreting Apple's OS Strategy
It was a clear signal that Apple will continue to make hay in the consumer market and let others try to clean up after Microsoft's enterprise mess.

Are Extended Computer Warranties Worth The Cost?
by Low End Mac
The iMac coverage looks like an especially good value. Indeed, if you subtract the value of the Tech Tool Pro Utility, your cost per year for the two extra years of warranty protection work out to about $30 apiece. Not bad, even for an extended warranty skeptic like me.


Monday, February 14, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

I just want to say there are probably 101 perfectly valid reasons for Apple to not sell to, and there are 101 perfect legal ways for to work around that and still deliver one million iMacs. There. Thank you.

Found this in the book I'm reading... "Evolution doesn't strive for perfection; your genes will get passed down on to your off-spring so long as you survive long enough to leave babies." (The book is Phantoms In The Brain by V.S. Ramachandran, M.D., Ph.D., and Sandra Blakeslee.) Insert your own observation here.

Configure and install an operating system over the web? Why not?

Happy Valentine's, all the way from Mars.


Windows 2000 Signals New Era For Microsoft
The operating system marks a signficant milestone for the software giant. Seen as the center of Microsoft's strategy for the new millennium, Windows 2000 will be the basis for an entire new generation of software.

MS Drops Again, But Barely
by Reuters
Shares of software giant Microsoft Corp. stabilized Monday as some analysts shrugged off concerns over potential compatibility issues between Windows 2000 operating system and earlier versions of the software.

Dell Pushes Two-chip PC For Windows 2000
Del Computer is betting Windows 2000 Professional will legitimize two-processor PCs for business use.

Beta Testing Wins Corporate Fans Of Win 2000
by TechWeb
Microsoft's extensive beta testing of Windows 2000 has earned it some eager converts in the corporate world. A "great majority" of corporate users are planning to move to the operating system soon, following a boost in confidence that the testing has brought, according to U.K. user group.

Swiss See Holes In Microsoft's Prices
by Reuters
Government thinks Swiss consumers pay too much for Windows and Office. MS says hamburgers cost more, too.

Microsoft's Perspective On Windows 2000
by TechWeb
Windows 2000 is going to be absolutely outstanding — it's quality and functionality is going to surprise a lot of customers.

Linux Poses Increasing Threat To Windows 2000
While the Windows 2000 operating system may improve on earlier iterations of Windows, its official unveiling this week comes at a time when other competitive forces pose unprecedented challenges for Microsoft.

Firms Plan To Take Time With Windows 2000 Transition
Despite the hype surrounding the release of Microsoft's new operating system, many businesses are uncertain when they'll adopt Windows 2000.

Microsoft Faces Skeptical Market With Windows 2000
by New York Times
Therein may lie Microsoft's biggest challenge this year: Convincing computer users like Alsop that "good enough" is worth the time and effort of the upgrade.

How Do Linux And Windows NT Measure Up In Real Life?
by GNet
Do we have mixed workloads (Web server, mail server, file and print server, etc.), then Bloor Research says: by all means, go for Linux. But not up to the enterprise level, because neither of the operating systems is ready for that task yet.

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