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Tuesday, February 15, 2000

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The Vision Thing: The Secret Mac OS
by Macworld
Wouldn't that mean Apple would control the world of Mac software distribution (and perhaps software creation), as well as Internet access, e-mail, and even long-term data storage? That's an infrastructure that could enable — dare I even say it? — Mac based Internet terminals and set-top boxes. Clever, Steve. Very clever.


Style Counts, Even With Computers
by The Times & Free Press
Quite possibly the hardest part of spending $80,000 on computer equipment was getting as many blue notebooks as orange.

Microsoft Completes Second Preview Release Of IE 5
by MacCentral
In terms of performance, Internet Explorer 5.0 feels much snapier all around than the 4.5 release. Rendering f complex pages is much quicker, although speed increases don't always match the 50 percent gain touted by Microsoft. Stability in the new release is also, amazingly, much better than version 4.5 despite the fact that we are working with a beta release.

Qualcomm Delivers Eudora 4.3 With New Pricing Scheme
by MacCentral
Qualcomm has announced the shipment of Eudora 4.3, the commercial version of the company's popular Macintosh e-mail client. With the release, Qualcomm has implemented its new pricing scheme, which allows users to avoid paying the software if advertising is accepted.


AirPort 1.2 Can't Come Soon Enough!
by Applelinks
Your AirPort base station may be dialing the wrong number when you connect, and it also might decide to dial out on its own! Do you use your iBook on the road? Better watch out...


Ferazel's Wand
by Go2Mac
The addictive gameplay, clean graphics and high-quality audio comes together to make this another A-list title from Ambrosia Software.


Tuesday, February 15, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

From Scripting News: Opportunity in Mac Publishing land? Lots of comings and goings at Meanwhile Macintouch and AppleSurf and a hundred Mac fan sites keep right on rolling. Maybe the Mac publishing world will be the first to migrate to the How to Make Money formula, where editorial work is distributed to community members and a portal with a big brand-name ties it all together? I'd love to help it happen.

Intel is not happy that Sun is not "adequately support[ting]" its upcoming IA/64 chip. Question: Would Intel next be scolding Apple for discontinuing NeXTStep on Intel?

My take on Windows 2000: It was targeted to kill off Novell, but the enemy turned out to be Linux, and Microsoft wasn't fast enough to turn around...


Dell Moves Key Web Site To Windows 2000
Microsoft has described Windows 2000 as a "bet-the-ranch" software project, and Dell Computer apparently agrees, having recently moved its own Web site over to the new operating system.

Intel Demonstrates 1-GHz Willamette Chip
by Reuters
The chip, code-named Willamette, is a new generation of the company's 32-bit chip architecture and is expected to be the eventual successor to its Pentium III line.

Compaq Backs Windows 2000 For Business Customers
Compaq Computer is gambling that small- and medium-size businesses will flock to the Windows 2000 operating system.

Analysis: Win2000 Compared To Windows 95
by TechWeb
As the curtain goes up this week on Microsoft's latest operating system, comparisons to the introduction of Windows 95 are inevitable.

Microsoft's Ballmer Courts Developers At Conference
In his first major public appearance since taking over at Microsoft, new chief executive Steve Ballmer today courted the community of software developers crucial to the success of the company's upcoming Windows 2000 operating system.

Buy Win 2000, Save Money?
by PC World
Early users say they have already seen strong benefits.

Windows 2000 Launch Festivites Begin
The unveiling of Microsoft's most ambitious software product yet begins today as dignitaries arrive [in San Francisco] for the three-day launch of Windows 2000.

Spark To Fly When Intel Challenges Sun
by San Jose Mercury News
A quiet dispute between Sun Microsystems Inc. and Intel Corp. could erupt publicly here later this week when Intel officials are expected to take Sun to task for failing to adequately support the next generation of Intel processors.

Never Mind The Hype, Windows 2000 Is Speedy, Stable, Worth The Wait
by Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
Those who have been hesitant to upgrade to Windows NT because of its difficulty to use will breathe a sigh of relief with Windows 2000. It's simple and speedy, yet chock full of what businesses need to keep themselves on top.

Average Consumers Shouldn't Line Up Just Yet For Windows 2000
by Associated Press
Microsoft Corp. may be gearing up for the launch of its Windows 2000 operating system, but the message for the average consumer is "Don't try this at home."

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