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Thursday, February 17, 2000

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The (Dull) Windows Difference
by Wired News
The corridors of San Francisco's Moscone Convention Center are teeming with excited users and rapt audiences, hungry for a sneak peek at the next great interface feature. Oh wait — that was last month's Macworld Expo.

Apple Execs Got Bulk Of Pay In Options In 1999
by Bloomberg
Apple Computer, tying pay to future stock performance, awarded bigger option grants to top executives during its fiscal 1999, when the computer maker's shares rose 68 percent.

Apple's New Hardware
Although Apple has reworked the PowerBook's internal architecture, externally it closely resembles the previous PowerBook G3, with the same sleek black design and translucent bronze keyboard. Because Apple used the same form factor, peripherals designed for the previous model's media bays will work with the new model.


Apple - Back To The Future
by BBC News
Now more than 15 years after the introduction of the Macintosh, Apple will release not merely an update, but a much-delayed major overhaul of its operating system. The update is key to the continued recovery of the company.

Apple News Leaves Analysts Unsurprised
Apple's announcements at Macworld Expo / Tokyo left analysts upbeat, if unsurprised. Three analysts polled by MacWEEK said the announcements of Apple's new PowerBook, souped-up iBook, and upgraded Power Mac G4 line had been expected.

Connectix Ready To Take On Sony In Court, Again
by MacCentral
Connectix's legal battles with Sony aren't over yet. On Monday, Feb 14 Sony once again filed suit against the intrepid Mac emulation software developer in the U.S. District Court of Northern California — continuing a legal dispute it first started with Connectix more than a year ago.


"PowerBook" — Ugh!
Apple should figure out a way to name their products. And not just for the PowerBook, but the entire Mac line.

Behind The Headlines With Apple's Announcement
by MacAddict
The most perplexing issue currently is the odd state of digital video. Desktop movies are quite clearly a priority with Apple... Yet the iBook line lacks any DV capabilities at all — no FireWire and no DVD.

New PowerBook, iBook
by Low End Mac
Although Apple hasn't quite met my needs yet, they have done a marvelous job with the new iBook and PowerBook configurations.


Thursday, February 17, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

There's probably a lesson to be learnt here, but I have no idea what the lesson is.


MS: No Breakup — Restrictions Maybe
by Wall Street Journal
Microsoft Corp. told lawmakers that any breakup of the software concern would amount to a "regulatory death sentence," but signaled that it would acept some "common sense" restrictions on its conduct to settle the government's antitrust claims.

Intel Targets Timna For Even Lower Cost PCs
by ZDNet
Why should cheaper PCs use ancient chips? New chips will cut costs by eliminating graphics boards and memory controller chips.

Linux: Itanium's Great 64-bit Hope?
by Sm@rt Reseller, ZDNet
Internal memo says Microsoft now expects Whistler Beta 2 to be its first IA-64 offering — next year — leaving Linux as perhaps the msot viable OS for Intel's upcoming chip.

Windows 2000: Ready To Rumble?
by Upside
At the same time... Linux supporters have held off on the courterprogramming. Granted, a few sites have promised anti-Windows desmonstrations in order to give news outlets the necessary "Linux response" quotes, but for once, the Linux community is keeping a low profile.

Taking The Fun Out Of Win2000
by Wired News
Microsoft has jumped on the bandwagon to depersonalize software by removing all the known Easter eggs from Windows 2000.

Is Time Not On Win2K's Side?
by VARBusiness
In a time when new technologies are being deployed at Internet speed, Windows 2000's adoption is expected to occur in slow motion.

Antitrust Case Could Shadow Win2000 Release
by TechWeb
Microsoft takes center stage in two very high-profile events in a matter of days: its long-awaited Windows 2000 rollout Thursday, and final arguments before a federal judge in its landmark antitrust trial next Tuesday.

Intel: Faster Chips Needed To Run Windows 2000
Despite assurances from Microsoft that the new business operating system will perform adequately on existing computers, chipmaker Intel maintains that the processors in many PCs will need to be upgraded.

Win2K's Rivals: So What?
by CBS MarketWatch
As the business world awaits the arrival of Windows 2000 Thursday, Microsoft's rivals aren't exactly running for cover just yet from the killer operating system that anlysts once thought would destroy the competition.

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