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Friday, February 18, 2000

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Is Apple In Trouble?
Apple has a positioning problem. The current PowerBook line is great for what it does, but it's not what the market wants. The big seller today is ultralight notebooks, which the PowerBook isn't. Instead, it competes well in the high-end full-featured market: a good market to be in, but a declining niche.

Gates: We'll Open Windows Code To Settle Case
by Bloomberg
Microsoft would be willing to open the source code for its Windows software to competitiors in order to settle the antitrust case filed by the U.S. Justice Department, chairman Bill Gates said.


Apple Japan Has 17.3 Percent Market Share
by MacCentral
Apple Japan's market share was 17.3 percent in the week that ended Feb. 6, placing it third on thelist of computer vendors, trailing only NEC and Sony.

Mac PC Emulator To Bundle Red Hat Linux
by The Register
Emulation software developer Connectix is to ship a version of its Mac-based Virtual PC application with Red Hat Linux as the emulator's bundled x86 operating systems.

Jobs To Control 5 Million Shares
by San Jose Mercury News
Apple Computer Inc. CEO Steve Jobs will soon control half the options for 10 million Apple shares he was granted last month, according to a preliminary proxy statement filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. That would enable him to exercise the options to buy and sell 5 million shares if he wanted.

FreeMac Could Not Buy iMacs At Retail
by MacNN
Someone has their information wrong. [Steve Jobs] is either wrong, or he's trying to paint a picture that doesn't exist and has never existed.


Misfire Awards - Special Apple Dedication!
How can a company, one that makes some of the most well-designed and well conceived products in the computer industry, have so much trouble with the little things?

Attack Of The Hello Kitties
So, the good news is that the Pro-end Powerbooks got a major upgrade, while the low end iBook sort of stayed where it was. I think that we'll see some serious competition to the low end in the next few months as PC makers stray into the sub-$1000 market. Hopefully, Apple will be up to the challenge.

Why People Hate Macintoshes
The Macintosh computer is something that has always incited strong emotions.

What's So Special About The iBook Special Edition?
by MacChat
Is an extra 64 megabytes of memory and 3 gigabytes of extra hard disk space really worht an extra $200?

Apple's New Japanese Focus
Apple're apparent rededication to the Japanese market nad Jobs' announcement that Mac OS X will be a "global" operating system are signs of a new world view at the Mothership.


by MacAddict
Aside from minor software configuration difficulties, ProTV does exactly what it is designed to do: It shows TV on your computer screen.

Total Annihilation Gold Edition
by MacAddict
With its emphasis on strategic thought, multiple-player support, and compelling ability to suck you right into the action, Total Annihilation reaches a new level of game playing.

Rainbow Six
by MacAddict
The sheer wealth of options and missions, combined with the timeless multiplayer action and sophisticated gameplay, make it an all-time classic.

Descent 3
by MacAddict
If you can twitch and shoot with the best of them, and spinning, reeling worlds of color don't turn you green with nausea, this is a fantastic game - maybe one of the best 360-degree action shooters ever to hit the Mac.

Madden NFL 2000
by MacAddict
Madden NFL 2000 is the best football simulator we've seen on any platform. Aspyr has finally broken the decade-long drought of Macintosh sports games, and has done it in fine style.

PowerMac G4
by MacAddict
The G4 is a very solid, cool-looking Mac... If you're in the market for an all-new Mac, and you want a little more juice than an iMac offers, go ahead and get a G4. It's a killer machine.


Friday, February 18, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Insults, with style.

Here are just some samples of the results in Uptimes Project, where we measure how long can each operating system stay up and running without restarting. BSD: 312 days. Rhapsody: 80 days. Linux: 57 days. Mac OS: 20 days. Win NT / 2000: 14 days. Windows: 10 days.

Morale must be low in this little space called My Cubicle, as the sole resident (i.e., me) can really relate to this latest comic from Dilbert.


Microsoft Willing To Open Windows Source Code To Settle Suit, Gates Say
by Bloomberg
Gates was asked whether the company would be willing to open the Windows source code in order to settle the case, and Gates said "yes." He then added, smiling, "if that's all it took."

Setting The 'Bug' Record Straight
by Sm@rt Reseller
I had always considered Microsoft better than the more traditional companies, in terms of not linking executive access to favorable news coverage. I guess now that SteveB and BillG are more like rock stars than high-tech execs, the ground rules are changing.

Windows 2000: Behind The Scenes
by Sm@rt Reseller
There were rock stars and movie stars — even jugglers at the Windows 2000 launch. Now the operating system has to shine on its own.

Developers Say W2K Bug Memo Exaggerates
by Computer Reseller News
Microsoft's development team is fuming about a published report stating that Windows 2000 contains more than 63,000 bugs.

Windows 2000 Reliable, But Caution Is Urged
by Computer Reseller News
Mom-and-pop businesses and enterprises have at least one thing in common when it comes to Windows 2000 — they are the best suited for immediate deployment, according to an analyst who surveyed 1,000 beta testers and early adopters of Windows 2000.

Windows 2000 May See Fastest Adoption On Laptops
Demand for a secure, reliable operating system that exploits the best features of corporate notebooks is the main reason success with notebooks could take off.

Windows 2000 May Reach Deep Into Pockets
by Reuters
The launch of software giant Microsoft's new Windows 2000 operating system could press many large companies to pay thousands of dollars in extra licensing fees, a leading industry consultancy said Thursday.

Investors Consider Windows 2000 Impact
This week's release of Windows 2000 could be considered the tech industry's equivalent of trickle-down economics, as many segments will reap the rewards.

Windows 2000: Nobody's Perfect
by Reuters
They came, they saw, they listened. But not everyone who attended the biggest regional roll-out of Windows 2000 walked away with complete confidence in the new operating system from Microsoft.

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