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Monday, February 21, 2000

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Universalized, Serialized, And Bussed
Now I can't say that the B&W G3 exactly changed my life. Sure, it was a tad fater... but not sensationally so. Yawn. But the iBook has changed my life.


Bonus Could Have Lowered Earnings
by CBS MarketWatch
Without help from accounting, a lucrative compensation package for Apple Computer Chief Executive Steve Jobs would have caused the company's first-quarter earnings to be lower than the year-ago period.

The New Face Of Open Source OS?
It would be an interfesting twist of fate if Eazel's efforts soon became the default face for Apple's open source operating system efforts.

Connectix Case Far From Settled
Sony's beef against VGS' developer centers on allegations that Connectix infringed its copyrights in the development of VGS, violated its trademarks, tarnished the PlayStation name, misappropriated its trade secrets, and by releasing he emulator encouraged the piracy of PlayStation games.

MacOS' Sherlock Surreptitiously Sends Email Addresses
by The Register
In the past, it was considered courteous to provide your email address... when downloading files anonymously. Nowadays, int hese more privacy-conscious times, it's much less commonplace.


Living In A Mac Town
This week's Farr Site features Weirdos, Macs, Cars, and Guns! Yee-Haw! Author finds that some aspects of living where he does resemble the way his computer works. °Que Milagro!

Has Apple Ceded The Education Market?
by Low End Mac
While price isn't the only or even the primary consideration of many computer buyers, it is a continuing critical factor in educational Mac sales.


Power Mac G4/400
by The Mac Observer
These systems are packed with lots of features at reasonable prices — a virtue any user can appreciate. We only had a few complaints; we'd like to see a better mouse, and hardware DVD decoding would be a nice touch.


Monday, February 21, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

People are the killer app.

What do you mean by Ctrl-Alt-Del? This is not DOS.

This is DOS.


Microsoft, DOJ To Throw Final Punches
by TechWeb
Microsoft and the Justice Department will face off in court one more time Tuesday, before a federal judge rules whether the software giant violated U.S. antitrust law.

iPAQ Sounds Like iMac, But Will It Sell The Same?
by Seattle Times
If iPAQ sounds like iMac, it is with good reason. Apple Computer tried the legacy-free approach with its industrial-designed, all-in-one desktop PC. It was a "bet the farm"... move and it revived Apple's fortunes.

Microsoft Moving To Ban Long-Term Temp Workers
by Associated Press
Microsoft Corp. is limiting its temporary workers to one year of employment at a time, with 100-day intervals in between — a move that will force up to 1,500 of its long-term contract workers to find new jobs or seek permanent positions with the company.

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