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Wednesday, February 23, 2000

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E-mail For Everyone
by Macworld
Despite the ill-informed doom and gloom you might have read in the media, we Macintosh users don't lack software, particularly when it comes to the many choices available for reading e-mail. At least a dozen Internet e-mail programs are in use today on Macs across the land.


Earthlink: Putting The "i" In iMac
by MacDirectory
It seemed like a perfit fit, as it leverages both companies' ability to deliver the types of products, services and support that inspire that kind of loyalty.

Steve Jobs: A Closer Look
Steve Jobs' innovative idea of a personal computer led him to revolutionizing the computer hardware and software industry. Without his genius, computing today would not be the same.

Did You Know That Macs Make Better Copy Than Wintels, Even When Promoting W2K?
by MacBC
It's ironic that, not only are these aging Macs still deemed photo-friendly, but that an equally aged Wintel machine would be completely unable to run Windows 2000.

Apple Shares Jump After Bullish Analyst Comments
by Reuters
Shares of Apple Computer Inc. jumped in late afternoon trading on Tuesday, after a Merrill Lynch analyst made some positive comments to his sales force, after meeting with the company.

Apple Gains Market Share In Japan
by The Mac Observer
Most of Apple's recent market and mind share gians in Japan were made with the iMac.


by MacCentral
I was feeling nothing but pride last week as I read all of the coverage of Microsoft's new Windows 2000 in the mainstream newsweeklies and saw that many of those articles were accompanied by sidebars or even full pages about Mac OS X.

Mac OS X Performance On A G3, Here Are The Answers!
by The Mac Observer
The big factor in Aqua performance (which is to say Quartz performance) will be the graphics chip, not the processor.


MYOB Accounting Plus V.9
by MacNN
Particularly for today's small, global-minded companies, MYOB Accounting Plus version 9 is an excellent accounting solution. Its multi-currency support easily allows you to deal with customers and suppliers in other countries and its extensive Help Library and manual will aid you in making sense of all those debits and credits.


Wednesday, February 23, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Found on Webfeet: "Asia is 2 years beind the US on the internet. Unfortunately, Asian hackers are only 2 days behind the west.

Apple's AirPort is called AirMac in Japan, because someone already holds that trademark. What will Windows be called in South Korea? Suggestions can go to


Lemmings 2000
"Windows 2000 just doesn't crash. It never crashes." This is quite a claim, and one worthy of a lemming. Look behind the words and you find the blind leading the blind.

Microsoft Loses Windows Trademark
by MacAddict
A South Korean patent court has ruled that Microsoft does not hold the patent on the trademark "Windows" for printed material in South Korea.

MS Slips 'Simplicity' Into PocketPC
by ZDNet
While 3Com Corp.'s Palm Computing division launched its much anticipated color Palm IIIc on Tuesday, Microfot Corp. was preparing to show off another piece of its rival Palm-size platform, now called PocketPC.

Microsoft Unleashes Last-ditch Defense
by Sm@rt Reseller
Software giant says it's still amenable to a DOJ settlement, but the two sides seem as far apart as ever in final arguments invoking JOhn D. Rockefeller, GM and the proverbial '800-pound gorilla.'

Judge Keeps Hammering On MS
by Reuters
The judge in Microsoft's antitrust trial Tuesday liened the firm's control of its Windows software to John D. Rockefeller's sweeping Standard Oil monopoly of the 19th century, casting doubt on a company defense.

Red Hat Links Linux With Popular Corporate Software
Red Hat today announced new versions of its Linux operating system tuned to work with some of the most popular corporate software, the latest step in the company's ongoing quest to find ways for making money from free software.

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