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Thursday, February 24, 2000

Top Stories

Mac Hits Another Home Run
by BusinessWeek
Apple is poised to regain the software-design leadership it earned with the original Macintosh. It's not clear how much ground this will gain for Apple, but the renewed competition can only benefit consumers.

Bust Microsoft? My Word!
by Wired News
Microsoft is bound to lose its antitrust tiral in some way, particularly after Judge Jackson's recent arguments. But Jon Rochmis thinks (with toungue somewhere in cheek) that the wrong people will be punished.


World's First iMac Stamp?
by iMac NewsPage
We might have goten into the history books for some of the most unlikely reasons like the ban on chewing gum imports, but at least when it comes to modern education, we picked the right computer.

Apple Predicts Stellar Financial 2000
by MacCentral
Accoridng to investment firm Merill Lynch, Apple officials predict that both the company's revenues and unit shipments will dramatically rise before the end of this year.


Mac Evangelism
If you ever wanted to tell a windows user how you felt but didn't know how to put it, now you do.

It's Time To Bring Back eWorld
Apple was right to kill the original eWorld. It was a drain on Apple's resources at a time Apple could not afford to have any. But eWorld was more than an online service. eWorld was about community — the Macintosh community.

Not Just Another Keynote
If we assume that the Tokyo keynote was the start of something new, it means that Apple now recognizes that it has become a global consumer concern and not just a company that has glboal sales. And it means that the Street has to pay close attention to the Tokyo and Paris expos — and non-Mac-centric events such as Internet World — in addition to Apple's traditional venues.


Mighty Mike
Despite the outdated technology, Mighty Mike is a blast... The gameplay is simple and addictive, the graphics are bright and colorful, the sound are amusing, and the action is solid.

Kenisngton's New TurboBall Leaves Users Longing For A USB TurboMouse
by The Mac Observer
Kensington has created a visually appealing, but nearly useless input device... The layout and feel of the device forces us to suggest that you would be better off with your hockey-puck mouse.

Sim City 3000
by MacCentral
The original SimCity ranks high in my list of favorite games. It remains a classic today because of its originality and fabulous replayability. SC3K builds nicely on the original concept, and I liked playing the game; I just wished it wasn't so sluggish.


Thursday, February 24, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

The Bill Gates makeover.

D-I-Y brain surgery. Where's the video?

Introducing the Operating System Sucks-Rules-O-Meter, where we find out that Linux rules, and Windows sucks.


Microsoft's ActiveX Too Active?
by Wired News
Microsoft says it will fix its ActiveX installation program after a Spanish Web developer discovered that it modifies users' computers without asking for their permission.

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