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Friday, February 25, 2000

Top Stories

New Macs Race To Resellers
by ZDNet
Most of the revised systems announced at last week's Macworld Expo/Tokyo are already doing a brisk business at Mac retailers.

Digital Island In Media Deal With Apple
by CBS MarketWatch
Digital Island is expected to announce a deal with Apple Computer to deploy Apple's QuickTime streaming media format on most of Digital Island's servers.


AppleWorks 6 Shipping
by MacCentral
The revision... sports over 100 new features and a new look designed to make it more aesthetically pleasing with the latest Mac OS appearance.

SmartDisk To Acquire VST
SmartDisk, a Florida company best known to Mac users for its FlashPath floppy disk adapter, announced today that it intends to acquire Macintosh peripherals developer VST Technologies. VST offers USB and FireWire storage devices as well as drives for Apple's PowerBook line.

Examing SmartDisk's VST Acquisition
Two years ago, Mac users would have flocked to FlashPath, but today there are too many alternatives for FlashPath to make a big splash.


The Growing iBook & PowerBook Market
by Low End Mac
The future will belong to the company with the best portables. Apple has been a leader in portable innovation since the Mac Portable... and is well positioned to build on their experience.

Bias In The Industry
Would Nielsen get away with monitoring the nation's TV ratings if they only allowed white males to participate or excluded African-Americans? Of course not!

Performance Measures
For those offendend by arguments against the G4, here are some notions on how to measure performance, which isn't as easy as it sounds.

Money, Blood, And Dust
by MacAddict
Internet entrepeneurs who give nothing back to the world are nothing more than modern-day buffalo hunters. What are we Indians going to do?

Apple's Internet Appliance
Apple clearly has the motive and opportunity to execute an entry into the appliance market. It also has the branding and the desire to be seen as something more than a PC company. We'll have to wait and see whether it does the deed. Just pray we're not going to get another Pippin.


Friday, February 25, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

The ultimate remote sex solution. On second thought, you probably don't want to know about this.


Intel At CeBIT: 'No Excuse' For Missteps
by PC Week
A somewhat humbled chip maker apologizes for chip set and other snafus, and says customers remain confident.

Microsoft To Get Software In Smart Phones
Sony's new Internet-enabled cell phone will be powered by Microsoft software, the companies announced today, a much-needed coup for the software giant in its efforts to break into the wireless market.

"Plausible Benefit" Is Key Phrase In Microsoft Tiral
The phrase refers to what occurs when companies with monopoly power combine, or tie, products together. One of the major claims in the case is that Microsoft combined its Internet Explorer Web browser to its Windows operating system in an effort to dominate the browser market.

Harvard Professor Mutes Antitrust Skepticism
Harvard Law School professor Lawrence Lessig today downplayed a news story that indicated he had doubts Microsoft should be broken up.

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