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Saturday, February 26, 2000


Mac OS X - Vs
by MacNN is an enhanced, window-based implementation of Instead of booting full-screen like, loads itself in a window, allowing for side-by-side use of Cocoa, Carbon, and Classic app all at once on the same screen.

Compucentre To Start Selling Macs Again
by MacNN
The specifics of the agreement are not known. Also not known is if new stipulations have been set for or by either Apple Canada or Compucentre.

Apple Continues To Unload Shares Of ARM Holdings
by The Mac Observer
Apple is selling .7% of ARM Holdings, makers of the StrongARM processor that was once used in Apple's canceled Newton Message Pad.


Fear Of A Mac Planet
by ZDNet
The presence of multiple OS vendors... has been the prime engine driving the evolution of the desktop over the past couple of decades... The graphic user interface's adoption and refinement has been fueled by continued competition among OS developers; on that level, I'm no more eager for Windows to disappear from the landscape than the Mac.

Exploiting A New Medium
If you think the Internet hype is big now, just wait a few more years until the industry matures. When we see real Web solutions that do things other media cannot, users will be flooding in.


Saturday, February 26, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Man, this is one depressed web server. (And this is just for a 404 error.)


Bugs, Courts — MS Feeling The Heat
by PC Week
In the giddy aftermath of its Win2000 launch, the Redmond giant is dealing with some more sobering realities — namely, sweeping for bugs and figuring out how it can win its battles in the courtroom.

Stagnating WebTV Offers Free Access For Two Months
After years of low subscriber numbers, Microsoft now says it will offer its WebTV Internet access for free for a limited time, a move to bolster the service in the face of a huge threat froma rchrival AOL.

Xbox Alert! Microsoft Got Game?
by ZDNet
The truth is out there: With the purchase of '', the software giant looks ready to unveil its game machine in two weeks. Will it be an industry crusher?

Breaking Up Microsoft Would Be Tough Call
by TechWeb
Economists and attorneys on both sides of the Microsoft antitrust trial agreed Friday that there should be some remedy, but just what that remedy should be runs the gamut from business-contract changes to breaking up the software giant into several companies.

Judge Rejects Key Microsoft Motion In Java Dispute
The possibility of a trial in the long-standing Sun vs Microsoft Java technology dispute moved closer to reality yesterday as the judge rejected a key Microsoft motion.

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