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Sunday, February 27, 2000

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Computer Expert Don Crabb Dies
by Chicago Sun-Times
Mr. Crabb was far from a tunnel-vision tech-head... He was a studnet in my U. of C. film class for 22 years, always sitting in the front row, always generous with comments, usually barbed, delivered with the timing of a stand-up comedian and revealing an encyclopedic knowledge of film, art, history, and a bewidering array of specialized fields.

Don Crabb Passes Away
Don Crabb, a Mac pundit loved by Mac fans everywhere, lost the battle with his recent ailments yesterday afternoon.


Don Crabb, 1955-2000
Crabb was well known to Mac users for his columns in MacWEEK and other Mac publications.

Young Filmmakers Seek The Next 'Blair Witch'
by New York Times
After the success of "The Blair Witch Project" last year, it seemed that anyone with a dream, a camera and an Internet account could get a film made — or, at least, market it cheaply once it was made.

Leadership: A Profile Of Linus Trovalds
by San Jose Mercury News
Linus Torvalds would make a lousy dictator, and it's hard to imagine him as a corporate chief executive. He laughingly calls himself lazy. He avoids making decisions about the growing, worldwide movement he leads — a movement that has turned him, in the eyes of many, into an icon of the Information Age.


Hot-rod Your Mac
by Macworld
Turn your old Mac into a killer custom gaming rig.


Disney's Winnie The Pooh Toddler
by MacCentral
This software is a great introductory title for parent who want to introduce computer usage to their tots using accssible characters their children will be able to identify easily.


Sunday, February 27, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Don Crabb: 1955 - 2000.

Roger Ebert: He liked to joke that he was the only computer scientist to enter the field through medieval history.

Bob LeVitus: Don Crabb was, without a doubt, one of the best technology writers I've ever had the pleasure of reading — insightful, cantankeous and controversial, but almost always spot-on."

Andy Ihnatko: A great person has to earn that rep the hard way, one person at a time, proving time and time again their commitment to the idea that We're All In This Together. Don Crabb was a great, great man.

Dave Winer: A prayer for Don. Life is short, make hay while the sun shines, and when a big tree falls there's room for lots of growth. Don was a big tree, for sure. Take a deep breath. Don was a good guy. Busy! Opinionated. He took on the flamers. He stood by the Mac through some dark dark days. I wish I could shake his hand and say "Good job Don!" Our hearts go out to Don and his family. We'll miss you, Don!

Chicago Sun-Times: Sun-Times computer writer Don Crabb, 44, a nationally known educator, writer and broadcaster about the cyberworld and the Internet, died Saturday. He had been hospitalized since early December.

Joe Mahoney: I imagine that when you die, they issue you with a browser that renders fast, compiles to standards and the funky proprietary tags. All the plugins you could possibly need are builtin. It never crashes. And best of all, it runs on a Mac which is what Don Crabb would want.

Miss you.

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