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Monday, April 3, 2000

Top Stories

Mice, Mice Everywhere — Which One Caught My Eye?
by San Jose Mercury News
The Apple one-button mouse — the most basic and least-colorful model in stock — was $69, making it certainly the most expensive mouse in the store, if not the world.


Older Macs Can Join The USB Party
by Baltimore Sun
Owners of Macs predating the iMac may be feeling left behind by the hardware standards Apple has adopted in recent years, particularly the replacement of the serial and Apple Desktop Bus ports with Universal Serial Bus (USB) ports.

Dumping Of TVs, Computers Screens Banned In Mass.
by Associated Press
[Schools or charities] would love to take a good computer off of someone's hands. There are a lot of good uses for old computers, Macs and PCs.


Kings Of Kommentary
This week's column features It's Blue! It's White! It's Comfy! It Goes Fast! (I'm Done!) "Say, is that a Pismo in your pocket, or are you just glad to see us? And WHAT did you call me??

Apple Should Count The Cost Before Alienating Its Friends
by MacOS Daily
The new Apple woul dbe well-advised to be cultivate all the good will it can get — not gratuitously alienate it.

Life Beyond PowerPC?
by ZDNet
There's no reason for Jobs to have any special fear of Intel or other chip options. His post-Apple endeavor, NeXT, had little hesitancy about switching from 680x0-based hardware to Intel-standard OS software when economic wisdom dictated.


Amazing IE 5.0
by Low End Mac
My faith in Microsoft has been restored. Why? Because this past week they unveiled Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0. And, I have to say, this program is amazing!


Monday, April 3, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

New York Times: On Friday evening, some senior computer executives who were read a summary of a government proposal became alarmed that the proposal was too limited and would prove difficult to enforce. Mr. McNealy and Steven P. Jobs, the chairman of Apple Computer, were read elements of the proposed settlement and expressed their dissatisfaction to some government officials.

SlashDot: Why hasn't Apple released QuickTime for Unix?

The Inquirer: With its legion of loyal followers, the eminently usable Mac OS continues to improve. Though still available only for Macs, makes it easier to conduct an Internet search and helps different people using the same Mac keep their desktop and Internet settings separate.

Microsoft Campus Bombed : MSNBC. You wish!


Microsoft Shares Slide In Anticipation Of Ruling
Microsoft shares fell as much as 11 percent in early trading as the judge in the antitrust case prepares to issue his ruling later today.

Analysts See Risks For Microsoft, But Gates Hopes To Win Appeal
by New York Times
At Microsoft's corporate campus in Redmond, Wash., there is no evidence of panic. Its executive team, led by William H. Gates, the chairman, is taking the long view, planning to battle the antitrust case in the courts through appeals for years, if necessary.

Did States 'Deep Six' MS-DOJ Talks?
by ZDNet
Who's to blame for the collapse of the four-month old settlement talks? All fingers are pointing to 19 attorneys general who may have wanted nothing less than a break up.

Microsoft Knows Courtroom Arena Well, Usually Wins
by Seattle Times
Microsoft still thinks it has an ally waiting in the wings - the legal system. "We are confident of our legal position," Microsoft's senior vice president for law and corporate affairs, Bill Neukom, said yesterday on the breakdown of antitrust settlement negotiations. "This case is a longstanding play, and we are just in the middle of it."

Microsoft And U.S. Unable To Reach Antitrust Accord
by New York Times
After four months, mediation efforts between Microsoft and the government were abandoned Saturday, making it likely that the presiding judge in the trial will issue his decision in the long-running antitrust case in the next few days.

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