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Friday, April 14, 2000

Top Stories

Resurgence Of An American Icon
by Forbes
It all adds up to a remarkable about-face that transformed Apple and befuddled the most jaded (guilty as charged) journalist.

Think Difficult: Extending Mac OS X
Apple's forthcoming Mac OS X may change the way Mac users interact with their favorite computer, but it will have an even bigger impact on the companies that develop Mac OS utilities. Most utilities are designed to address gaps in the host operating system, and many of those weaknesses will be removed when Apple releases its new OS.


Apple Sees 1.4 Million Unique Visitors To Web Site Last Week
by The Mac Observer
Apple has once again claimed the top spot in PC Data's Top 10 Hardware Sites rankings.

Poser Goes Back Home
MetaCreations announced on Thursday that it has completed the divestiture of its graphics products by selling Poser and Office Advantage to egi.sys, the German parent of a new Santa Cruz company called Curious Labs.


The Mac And Thou
by ZDNet
When it comes to personal computing... I prefer my zealots a little less insular.


Quake III: Arena
by Inside Mac Games
Quake 3 is at heart... a very simple game, which really brings nothing incredibly new to the action or first-person-shooter ganres. However, it is a simple game done very well.

by Macworld
Will the iSub make it any easier to understand exactly what Bob Dylan is singing? Probably not. But it'll make listening to whatever it is he's singing a more pleasurable experience.

ViaVoice Tested And Found Wanting
Unfortunately, ViaVoice is several bricks short of a load in the user-satisfaction department. It distresses me to have to say this. I am delighted that IBM decided to support the Mac with its speech recognition software, especially since Dragon Systems recently bailed out of the Mac market a second time. However, I found ViaVoice to be both excruciatingly slow, and maddeningly unstable.

Surfing Large
by Low End Mac
IE 5 is the most stable, full-featured browser I've ever worked with. It no longer puts extra space above headers. It's a very comfortable working environment.


Friday, April 14, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Associated Press: Typing the phrase "more evil than the devil" into the Web search engine on Netscape's home page produces a link to Microsoft's home page.

Network Computing Magazine is hosting the 6th Annual Well-Connected Awards. In the category Wireless LAN Solution, Apple's AirPort is listed as one of the finalists. The "competitors" are Cisco Aironet 340 Series and WaveLAN IEEE Turbo.

Independent: When IT giants such as Microsoft want a new interface, they go to Nykris, a little design studio located not in Silicon Valley but in London's scruffy Old Street.

Glenn Davis: As we all know, Internet Explorer is an integral part of the current Windows operating systems. Microsoft has spent uncountable hours in court and an ungodly sum of money attempting to justify the necessity of this. But while they were doing this, they were also developing software based on the technologies in Internet Explorer... That's the real compatibility that Microsoft has to worry about. Not the soccer moms who might be using the Web, but businesses the world over who depend on products like Microsoft Office 2000. Products which have hooks into the Internet Explorer portions of the Windows operating systems. You see, if IE were to support Web standards, Office 2000 would break. Interesting view, and a very valid guess, I'd say.


Microsoft's Next Net Awakening
by InternetWeek
Just weeks after a federal judge assailed the company's integration tactics, Microsoft is preparing to tie even more functions to Windows.

Am Not! Are Too!
by Associated Press
Despite what some Microsoft Corp. programmers might think, Netscape Communications Corp. says its engineers are not "weenies".

Microsoft Server Flaw Called Rare
by IDG News
Reports of back door to Web sites running Win NT are true, but access is limited.

A Kinder, Gentler Microsoft?
by The Mac Junkie
On the whole, though, the ad succeeds at its primary goal: to inspire pity for Microsoft. Or at the very least, the ad is pitiful, and that's almost as good.

Linux Loyalists Aim To Break Windows
by Reuters
For many in the worldwide clan, the alternative operating system is a way of life.

Microsoft Software Glitch May Allow Access To Web Sites
by Bloomberg News
Microsoft said its engineers included a secret phrase, "Netscape engineers are weenies," in some software that could be used to gain illicit access to hundreds of thousands of Internet sites worldwide, according to reports.

Gates Charity To Fund Capitol Hill Project
by Associated Press
[Trevor Neilson, public affairs director] stressed that the proposed donation, first reported Thursday in the Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Call, ''has been in the pipeline for many months'' and is in no way related to the antitrust suit the Justice Department is pursuing against the software giant.

Microsoft To End Support For Java Kit
Microsoft will drop support for Sun Microsystems' Java software developers kit (SDK) next year and market a cloned toolset, said researcher Gartner.

Hang On To Your Old Windows Utilities
by PC Week
Windows 2000 has a few surprises for everyone, and most are not that pleasant.

The Next Microsoft
by Smart Business
It dominated technology, transformed your business, and probably made you rich too.

Microsoft To Launch New Palm Assault
by Bloomberg News
Microsoft plans to release a new generation of handheld organizers next week, addressing flaws that caused earlier versions to flop, in an attempt to gain share from market leader Palm.

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