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Monday, April 17, 2000

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Power Mac Bests The Gigahertz PCs
by San Francisco Chronicle
In short, Mac partisans have no reason to panic about the PowerPC's current clock-speed shortfall, and graphics professionals who rely on Apple have no reason, at least in terms of performance, to doubt their choice of platforms: The Mac's resounding victory in this particular test is strong evidence that the PowerPC remains more than competitive with the best Intel and AMD can produce.


Apple's Computer Sales Key In Quarter
by CBS MarketWatch
Apple Computer is set to open its books on its second quarter Wednesday, as analysts look especially for insight into sales of the PC maker's Power Mac G4.

With MicroAge Bankruptcy, Mac Dealers Switch Alliances
by MacNN
With Macintosh computer distributor Pinacor's parent-company MicroAge now in Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, Macintosh dealers are slowly switching alliances and doing business with other Apple distributors to make sure there is no interruption in their supply of products.

Apple Brings K-12 Sales In-house
Apple's decision to drop its sales agents to the K-12 education market has won an endorsement from the last place you'd expect: A sales rep whose job will be terminated as a result of the move.

Apple To Webcast Q2 Results
Apple Computer on Wednesday will offer a live audio QuickTime Webcast of a conference call announcing its FY 2000 Q2 financial results.


What's To Like About Netscape 6? Quite A Bit
by The iMac NewsPage
What's there to like about Netscape 6? I could think of a few right now, from just having tinkered with the preview release for over a week now.

iCab 2.0, The Alternative Web Browser
iCab has many other cool features, but here's the best of all — it's tiny, and has a tiny footprint. It does what's needed, and no more.

AOL Instant Messenger Vs. ICQ
by Holy Mac!
AIM has the simplicity and power that users new and old can use and appreciate. AIM continues to grow in functions and uses while ICQ has remained relatively stagnant. AIM remains the undisputed champion in the battle for a winning messaging tool for the Macintosh computer.


Monday, April 17, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Jacob Levy teaches us how to really-really-delete a file in Windows.

Steve Alexander: One desktop trend likely to please consumers is the tendency for desktop PCs to become more stylish. The success of Apple's iMac, with its streamlined shape and choice of exterior colors, has created interest in machines that look different, both for technical and cosmetic reasons.

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