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Monday, May 1, 2000

Top Stories

Apple Denies FishPC Is Copyright Target
by MacNN
A high-ranking source at Apple has told MacNN that comments made recently by a company spokesperson who said that it was investigating Australian computer maker FishPC for possible copyright and trademark violation were "premature and simply unfounded" and that the FishPC is not a "target" of the company.

Apple's True Believers
by Arizona Daily Star
Forget eons. Forget epochs. Earth is 16 years old. At least to an adoring cult of Apple computer users.

Some Say It May Be Too Late To Dismantle Microsoft
by New York Times
So far, reaction to the government's proposed helping hand seems muted, or outright skeptical, among software developers — the primarily small and mid-sized companies that create a variety of products that make computers work faster or more easily, or that act as tools used by other programmers. Why so little rejoicing?


Steve Jobs To Officially Keynote MACWORLD New York
by The Mac Observer
MACWORLD Expo New York is just around the corner, and Steve Jobs will officially be making the keynote. Apple and IDG Expos started the hype and excitement machine of MACWORLD by announcing that Mr. Jobs would be making the keynote and saying we won't want to miss it.

So You Have iMovie — Now What?
by MacCentral
The obvious answer is, "Make movies with it." But there are some resources that you might want to familiarize yourself with befor eyou get started, to make the whole process a bit easier and a lot more fun.

Why FireWire Isn't Dead
by osOpinion
USB's current 12 Mbps is plenty fast for what it was designed for, and Intel has no reason to speed it up, except to compete with FireWire, regardless of what they say. But in the end, it is FireWire that will win out.


Using Products To Change Beliefts
We're done here. Time to click your mouse and move on to the next vision.

Supporting The Cause Or Arrogance?
by Low End Mac
Apple is not Microsoft's enemy, so let's play nice in a peaceful unbiased technical playground.

Where Are All The Mac Books?
by Low End Mac
the best-selling desktop and laptop on the market, and there's only 2-1/2 rows dedicatd to them out of scores of rows of computer books.


Virtual Game Station V1.4
by Macs Only!
In leiu of envelope-pushing new features or conveniences, Connectix seems content to plu away at eliminating the most serious emulation problems.


Monday, May 1, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Bruce Tognazzini: Cellphone industry: Listen up! I'm offering you a solution that just might keep you in business. And I like it!

MacInTouch readers reported that the free iMovie you downloaded from Apple's website "may fail [to install] if run from the self-moutning image". The trick is to copy the installation files into your hard disk and install from there instead.


IBM Redesigns ThinkPad Notebook Line
by ZDNet
Notebook PCs should be faster, lighter and simpler to use, IBM says. In support of that credo, IBM's Personal Systems Group on Monday announced a redesign of its ThinkPad line of notebook computers. The makeover of three of IBM's five ThinkPad models adds a number of new features.

Microsoft Shares Rise As Investors See Value Of Split Into Two
by Bloomberg
Many investors and anlysts are looking ahead to a software industry with Microsoft as two companies, each with a dominant position in its industry, but without the ability to use its separate parts and combined revenue to boost sales.

Bill Gates' Executive Style Inspires A Cult Following
by Washington Post
Gates was obsesed by work, and so were his employees. He wasn't interested in money, and neither were they. He would do anything to beat out a competitor, and they would too. Employees feared but mostly revered him. "Face time with Bill" was prepared for endlessly, sweated over and later bragged about.

Bluejay Lands In Windows
by PC Week
In anticipation of this summer's expected release of Microsoft Corp.'s Exchange Server 2000, Lotus Development Corp. is working on a project that will make Domino and Notes more Microsoft-friendly.

Critics Pose Hard Questions For Government's Advisers
by New York Times
Stock analysts poring over Friday's filings in the government's plan said the affidavit defending splitting Microsoft in two fell short of justifying why a breakup would be good for shareholders.

Some In Seattle Believe Two Microsofts Might Be Beter Than One
by New York Times
In the Seattle region, where the Microsoft Corp. has generated a staggering amount of wealth, only to see more than $100 billion of it vanish in recent weeks, the idea of breaking up the company hardly seems to be setting off widespread panic.

Microsoft Appeal Could Last A Year, Official Says
by Reuters
Microsoft's appeal of the antitrust verdict against it and government proposals to break the company in two could last a year or longer, but a change in U.S. presidents should not prevent the case from going forward, a top U.S. official said on Sunday.

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