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Saturday, May 6, 2000


FileMaker Announces Bug Fix
The company said it will post a downloadable fix for the Web Companion security hole by Wednesday, May 10.


The Thing That Ate My Desk Top: 17" iMacs? Get Real
by Daily iMac
Sometimes it is nice to have such a large monitor, except, of course, when I want to use my desk for some purpose other than holding up an enormous, over-glorified TV set.

Mac Solidarity Forever
by ZDNet
A multiplatform environment stimulates innovation; it offers greater security; and it raises the chances that every user will find a system that makes sense to him or her.

OS Holy Wars Redux
by ZDNet
My two cents: Kick back with a Coke and chill out. It's time to get a life.


Saturday, May 6, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

I Love You, You Love Me

Gene Steinberg: This is one time when the lack of full support for Visual Basic on the Mac is definitely a blessing.

That's not true! As a user, I do want Visual Basic on the Mac. However, I also want, at least, a decent security shield against such virus. Microsoft gave me Visual Basic scripting on Windows. However, it forget to give me any decent form of security model. And that's why users who are not so technical-savvy are spreading this virus across the world.

Another Journey Begins

I will start my journey to Boston in less than an hour. (First step: getting out of the house and going to the airport.)

I dread this journey — mainly because of the long travelling hours. I haven't had jet-lag for years, mainly because I haven't been travelling to the other side of earth lately. I wonder if getting older will help in this area — or maybe not.

Well, there will not be much updates this week. (I think the Apple rumors are going to dominate the bandwidth this week.) There will probably occasional updates when I am free and can get my hands on a decent Internet connection. See you soon — in time for WWDC the following week.

I'm hoping Apple will debut a new iBook with a higher resolution; and maybe DVD support.


Microsoft Fine-tunes TV Software Strategy
Microsoft will unveil new features in its Microsoft TV software suite, including Tv-based chat, scripted dialog, and improved parental control software.

Children Of 'Love' Bug: No Celebration
by ZDNet
More variants of the program are on the way, and experts expect them to be tough and nasty. Is the worst yet to come?

Worm Writer Identified?
by Wired News
One of the people who tracked down the author of the "Melissa" worm claims to have traced the identify of the "Love Bug" worm's author.

"Love" Virus Accidentally Targets Fax Machines
It's a most modern definition of uselessness: An email virus that sends itself to a fax machine. That's what a few confused people around the world saw today.

Outlook Leaves Computers Open For More Damage
Computer experts say Microsoft has simply made a choice that looks good to consumers but has dangerous ramifications.

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