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Saturday, May 13, 2000

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WWDC Opens Monday
Macintosh developers will get a healthy dose of Mac OS X next week as Apple holds its Worldwide Developer Conference, May 15-19 at the San Jose Convention Center. Apple is expected to show new features in its forthcoming OS, and may have a new preview release for developers.


New OS Tops Agenda For Apple Conference
Chief executive Steve Jobs is expected to offer new details about Apple's forthcoming operating system, the OS X, when he kicks off Apple's annual developer forum Monday.

Adobe Winning InDesign Users... Slowly
Adobe Systems appears to be making progress—albeit slowly—in its efforts to establish InDesign as an alternative to QuarkXPress as the page-layout software of choice for publishing pros. However, the program may be making its biggest gains among PC users as the Quark package remains entrenched on the Mac.

Creative Labs Brings Digital Audio To Mac
Creative Labs plans to add some impressive features to the forthcoming Mac version of its PCI audio card, but Macs will not be able to take advantage of the card's 3-D sound-effects functions, at least in the current Mac OS.

Apple Launches Small Business Open House National Tour
by MacCentral
Attempting to enhance its lackluster position in the small business market, Apple has announced that it will be holding a Small Business Open House national tour. The hands-on solutions showcase will feature complete demonstrations of iMacs, G4s, iBooks, and PowerBooks fully loaded with the latest business software and hardware.

Corel Kills WordPerfect For The Mac
In an announcement that should take no one by surprise, Corel said on Friday that it will no longer develop WordPerfect 3.5 for the Mac. The software—once a major competitor to Microsoft Word—was last upgraded in 1996 and was never made PowerPC-native.


Microsoft Makes It Hard To Be A Web Developer
by The Mac Observer
Fact of the matter is, Microsoft likes having things done their way - surprise, surprise.


Saturday, May 13, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

WWDC 2000

It's here — the annual Apple event that all Macintosh developers are looking forward to.

And of course, there's a new page here on AppleSurf that tracks the news coming out of San Jose. Readers can add in their own links to stories too!

(By the way, the ability to add in your own links has always been a feature of AppleSurf.)

However, if you want to be really there — but are not — you'll probably want to check out the wwdc2000.WebLogs.Com.

AppleSurf Is back

Well, I'm back in Singapore with my iMac.

In case you didn't know, I was in Boston for work the past week. Actually, I was in Boston for work for only 3.5 days. The other 3 days was spent on travelling.

And yes, I survived another two 6-hour transit at LAX.

Work was okay. In fact, we managed to find some free time to work on the Freedom Trail. Boy, was the sea breeze cold.

Question: how do you know if someone snores during sleep, short of marrying him or her? Answer: go on a long plane ride together. :-)

I get to sit in a bigger plane with better service for the three hour journey from Singapore to Hong Kong than the six hour journey from L.A. to Boston. Interesting economics.

MSIE is gone?

Bad news indeed for many Macintosh users, if what Macintouch is reporting turns out to be true.


Embrace, Extend, Censor
by Salon
Microsoft asks Slashdot to remove posts revaling copyrighted information.

Microsoft To Reveal Windows Strategy
Just as the government is recommending splitting Microsoft into two companies, the software maker is set to unveil its new strategy for Web-based services, which may tie the company's applications and operating systems businesses closer than ever before.

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