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Monday, May 15, 2000

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Released Schedule Postponed For New Mac OS
A final version of Apple Computer's Mac OS X won't come out until early next year, although the effect of an apparent delay to the released schedule will be minimal, according to analysts.

Announced OS X Public Beta Hides The Real Issue
by The Mac Observer
Do not let the "announcement" of a public beta release fool you. This is indeed bad news, and another broken promise. My patience with Apple is wearing thin.


Mac OS X Slips Again
by Wired News
Steve Jobs delays the long-anticipated, next-generation Mac OS for some wide-spread beta testing. But the Mac faithful at the company's World Wide Developer Conference don't seem to mind. Leander Kahney reports from San Jose, California.

Apple Delays Final Release Of Operating System
by Reuters
Apple Computer Inc. on Monday delayed the release of the ifnal version of its eagerly awaited next-generation operating system software until nex year to give software developers and customers more time to work with the new system.

Mac OS X DP4 Has Final API Specs
by MacCentral
The fourth developer preview of Mac OS X — releasd today... —- includes the final API specifications required by developers to complete upgrades of their applications to take full advantage of Mac OS X's new capabilities.

QuickTime, New Features, And Cheerios
by MacCentral
In his Worldwide Developers Conference keynote today, Apple CEO Steve Jobs talked the growing popularity of QuickTime and the next version of the multimedia software that's coming this summer.

Maya Coming To Mac OS X In Early 2001
by MacCentral
Maya is the award winning 3D animation and visual effects software for film, broadcast, video and game development.

WebObjects' Price Sliced, New Version
by MacCentral
Apple CEO Steve Jobs said the company was slicing the price of WebObjects... to $699 starting today.

Metrowerks Helps Developers Get Carbonized
As Mac programmers headed to San Jose for Apple's Worldwide Deveopers Conference, Metrowerks was preparing to show them a Carbonized version of CodeWarrior that will make it easier to develop applications for Mac OS X.

Apple's Stock Tanks As Jobs Says No Mac OS X Before Its Time
by The Mac Observer
The effect of Steve Jobs' keynote address at the WWDC on Apple's stock was downer.

Apple's WWDC Announcements
Apple released a new developer preview of Mac OS X, dropped WebObjects' license fee to $699 and announced a forthcoming QuickTime upgrade.


The Urban Mac: What's The Minimum Macintosh?
by The Mac Junkie
What is the "Minimum Macintosh" for the urban family seeking their first computer?

Can Apple Seize The Day?
by Mac OS Daily
Apple stands at one of those points in history which only comes very rarely in a company's lifecycle.

WWDC By Way Of Yosemite
by MacCentral
Now I'm back to work and eagerly awaiting Steve Jobs' WWDC today. Check back in later. The speech will doubtless be interesting, and we'll bring you all the details.

Why We Need A New Mac Browser
Now that the principal Web browsers are all free, perhaps it's time for Apple to bundle a kick-butt browser with MacOS X. It seems only Apple Computer has the vision and imagination to take its customers to the next generation Web browser.

Will We Lose Control Of Our Computers?
Who knows, perhaps Apple's unintentional leadership in this particular area will lead to a more formal leadership in the future. It could be, in five years, that an Apple Macintosh computer will be the only computer you can trust to be your true personal servant, not the unwitting tool of the Internet moguls.


Monday, May 15, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

This Week: Developing For The Mac

This is it, folks. This is the week devoted to our dearest Macintosh developers, who gave us reasons to stay on the Macintosh. This is the week where Apple will be telling them what lies ahead on the platform, and how they can take advantage of what Apple has to offer.

Mac OS X — that's theme of this year's party. Aqua, Carbon, Cocoa — those will be the keywords of this week's show.

Today's offerings from Apple: Mac OS X, including an overview of Aqua; QuickTime; WebObjects; and OpenGL.

And of course, the Steve Jobs Keynote. What are we gonna get?

If all these talks about WWDC is making you dizzy, check out Macworld's gentle introduction to the world of Apple developers.

Then, head on down to your favorite Macintosh publications on the web. (Or, you can also try our WWDC 2000 web log.) This is one event that about all Mac publications will cover.

Finally, try out AppleSurf's Top Links to find out where the hottest actions are.

Have fun!

Mousing Around Without A Mouse

Ever tried using your Macintosh without a mouse? Or how about, okay, you have a mouse, but you are not allowed to use your hands?

Well, someone did, and the computer mouse for the disabled is born.

Actually, it is more of a keyboard, as seen in the diagram. I sure hope this thing has a USB connection.

Actually, come to think of it, shouldn't the software be usable without using right clicks and double clicks? Wouldn't a mouse with just single click be easier to design? Oh, I see. Maybe they are using Windows...


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Tough Love For Microsoft Users
by ZDNet
How many times do users of Windows need to be kicked in the head? It's as if we have a community of people who, upon discovery of "kick me" signs attached to their backs, do nothing — and then complain when they eventually do get kicked.

Beta Of MS Office 10 On The Way
by ZDNet
Besides patching and fixing Office 2000, the company is signing up beta testers for the next generation of Microsoft Office.

Ballmer, Kelin Sq Off In Print
by Bloomberg
The U.S. Justice Department's proposed breakup of Microsoft would "destroy" the consistency of the way the company's Windows operating system works on personal computers, making computers harder to use, the company's chief executive officer wrote in an essay released yesterday.

Bug Testers Get Hands On Windows 2000 Service Pack
Microsoft has apparently released the first Windows 2000 service pack to testers.

Microsoft Combats "Love" Bug With Email Upgrades
by Bloomberg
Microsoft will offer two new security features to help prevent computer viruses from using its popular Outlook email program to infect computer networks and spread to other users.

Windows Easy Hacker Target
by Computerworld
The renowened user-friendliness — and popularity — of Windows software will continue to make the platform a prime target for hackers, warned users and analysts in the aftermath of the "I Love You" virus and its variants last week.

Microsoft's Outlook: Cloudy Security
by eWEEK
IT managers and security experts, increasingly cynical and sharply critical over virus assaults through Microsoft Corp.'s Outlook e-mail client, are questioning not only Microsoft's technology but also its reaction to the latest attacks.

PC Makers Await Direction After Intel Recall
by Electronic Buyers' News
It's no Pentium bug, but Intel's recall of selected motherboards has customers waiting and wondering how quickly the company will correct the snafu.

Sony Plans Web Walkman
by Reuters
The Walkman creator will offer a wireless device based on Palm's technology.

Intel Aims To Secure Notebooks
by Computerworld
Intel is looking to set a new standard for notebook security with a proposed architecture that requires that a user's identity be authenticated before the computer even boots up.

WSJ: Microsoft Acknowledges Browser Flaw
by Reuters
Microsoft Corp. has acknowledged a flaw in its popular Internet browser that could let hackers steal ``cookies,'' sensitive files e-commerce sites use to track and conduct business with customers online, a report in the Wall Street Journal said on Monday.

Microsoft Cites AT&T To Fight Breakup
by New York Times
As the Microsoft case hurtles toward its conclusion, both sides are drawing on the experiences of the AT&T breakup to support their arguments, though in some cases the references are inaccurate or incomplete.

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