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Tuesday, May 16, 2000

Top Stories

Apple Stock Gains On Optimism For New Software
by Reuters
Shares of Apple Computer Inc. gained on Tuesday amid optimism that its next-generation operating system will generate renewed interesting in writing software programs for the Macintosh.

Despite Delay, Apple's New OS Wows Mac Faithful
A final version of Apple Computer's new OS X won't be in consumers' hands until January, but the crowd at Apple's Worldwide Developers Forum seemed plenty impressed with the operating system's new features and the industry players lining up to support the software.

Jobs 'Revival' Draws Macintosh Developers
by Inter@ctive Week
How long does it take to seat a crowd of 3,500? At Apple Computer's Worldwide Developer's Conference - an annual gathering for die-hard Macintosh developers that kiced off Monday in Silicon Valley - the answer was about two minutes.


WWDC Sales, Hardware Keynotes
by MacNN
In a presentation filled with Apple's forward advertising plans, Mitch Madich announced that Apple will be adding the Wiz as one of its national resellers. By adding Apple products to both the Wiz stores and the wide-spreading Wiz brochures. The move, which actually came into fruition more than a month ago, should help to broaden the ability of people who wouldn't otherwise be presented with Apple products buy Apple products.

Corel's Linux Plans In Doubt
by Computerworld
Today's announcement that Corel's planned acquisition of Inprise/Borland Corp. is being canceled (see story) puts a big wrench in the Ottawa-based software vendor's strategy for turning itself into a dominant Linux vendor, some analysts said.

Micromat To Ship First OS X Drive Repair Utility
by MacCentral
Micromat announced the first Macintosh disk repair and utility recovery product for Mac OS X. Drive10 will purportedly sport an Aqua interface, repair drives, and recover data.

MindVision Announces Big Plans
by MacCentral
MindVision will ship Installer VISE (IVISE) 7.0 at this week's Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. VISE 7.0 can build both Classic installers (the kind that users and developers are accustomed to) and a Carbon installer that run natively on Mac OS X.

Mac OS X Goes Online
Until now, Apple has kept Mac OS X close to its chest, offering presentations at trade shows—and previews to developers who have signed nondisclosure agreements—but little information for the general public. That changed on Monday when Apple added a new Mac OS X section to its Web site with links to developer information, screen shots and QuickTime movies that show the new OS in action.


Phil Schiller Says No Handheld, No How, No Way
by The Mac Observer
Well well well. Something definitive from an Apple executive about a handheld. This marks a first.

No New Hardware Product Announcements
by The Mac Observer
Today's keynote did include a demonstration of a dual-processor PowerMac G4 billed as a technology demonstration. Dual-processor machines were predicted by the various rumor sites, but while shown, they were not officially announced. Indeed, nothing at all was announced in the way of new products.

OS X Looks Like A Mac
Apple CEO Steve Jobs on Monday demonstrated new features in Developer Preview 4 (DP4) of Mac OS X. Developers attending his WWDC keynote cheered as Jobs showed a more Mac-like OS along with sophisticated graphics capabilities, including tight integration between the Quartz 2-D display environment and the OpenGL API for 3-D applications.

Mac OS X Delayed
Now that Microsoft has "won the OS wars"—Jobs' words, not mine—it doesn't matter when Apple ships. Public beta or shrinkwrap, many Mac users will lap up Mac OS X up just the same, and the rest - all those still running System 7.5, for instance, and there are more of them than you might think—won't. But since none of them are likely to switch over to Windows at any time in the future, so what?

Weasels Ripped My AAPL
Give Steve Jobs and Apple credit for the monumental achievements of the last two years and give 'em a break, too.

Does Size Matter?
by The Keeper Of The iBook
One of the criticisms of the iBook is that it is too big, referring to both its size and weight. I have found this to be untrue. I use the iBook every day, and have found it to be the perfect companion on my commute.


Tuesday, May 16, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

New Sites On The Web

From one of the oldest Macintosh game magazines, Inside Mac Games, comes, where gamers can find "the latest demos, updates for their games, hundreds of shareware games, and useful items such as tools, mods, maps, and skins for popular games."

And from our beloved mothership, a brand new section devoted to Mac OS X. Get all the latest whether you are just a user eager to get your hands on a modern and useful OS, or a developer creating the latest and the greatest for your fellow Mac enthusiasts.


Too Little Too Late From Microsoft?
by Sm@rt Reseller
Security experts were sounding the alarm about Outlook and Microsoft's bad habit of confusing data with active code for ages. It's a shame that it took something as disastrous as ILOVEYOU to make Microsoft stand up and pay attention.

Should Microsoft Be Stopped? Part 1
Microsoft has made a big thing of how stopping their predatory, monopolistic practices would stifle innovation. Let's look at the reality.

Microsoft Covers Political Bases To Fight Antitrust Case
by Bloomberg
Microsoft is intensifying lobbying and will give the Republican and Democratic national conventions about $1 million each in money, software and services as political contributions toward fighting the U.S. government's antitrust case, according to a report.

Who Deserves The ILOVEYOU Blame?
by Sm@rt Reseller
Microsoft isn't taking any blame for ILOVEYOU. Do you want to take it for them?

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