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Wednesday, May 17, 2000

Top Stories

FireWire A Sure Bet When Speed Reigns Supreme
by South China Morning Post
Few high-technology phenomena generate as much hype as FireWire. The tone of recent headlines ranges from the ecstatic ("Why Firewire is Hot! Hot! Hot!") to the insane ("FireWire Rules The World"). What exactly is FireWire?


REALBasic To Support Mac OS X
by MacCentral
This technology demonstration runs on Mac OS X and creates native, Carbon compliant Mac OS X applications complete with Aqua interface.

Tools For Toolmakers At WWDC
Call them tools for toolmakers: the programs that programmers use to write other programs. Several vendors at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference this week unveiled new application-development software, most of it primed for Mac OS X.

Court Dismisses Most Sony Claims Against Connectix
A San Francisco court on Tuesday dismissed Sony's copyright and trademark claims against Connectix, the developer of Virtual Game Station (VGS). The decision should come as no surprise: In February, an appeals court lifted a preliminary injunction that prevented Connectix from shipping VGS. In that ruling, the judges sided with Connectix on the key issues in the dispute and remanded the case to the lower court for a final decision.


by Low End Mac
It almost seems as if Slashdot created its Apple category to keep Mac fans from whining. Rarely is an Apple submission, or even one remotely related to Apple and its technologies, posted, and they're often anti-Apple.


iMac Problems In The Classroom
by ScienceMan
Educators who have been using the iMac in their classrooms have been, in general, fairly pleased with the product. Good speed, fairly reliable, easy to use, takes up little room and kids seem to like them. However, there have been reports of various problems with these machines.

Backwards And Forwards USB And FireWire Conectivity For Powerbooks
by Mac OS Daily
The Macintosh orbit is in a state of flux connectivity-wise these days, with the old order passing and a new one becoming established.


Wednesday, May 17, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Design Thinking

Jim Dawson in Star Tribune: "The appeal of the Apple isn't just the aesthetics, but that it's ergonomically more user-friendly," he said. It is a successful blend of computer science, engineering and design, all summed up by design thinking.

And don't forget the Mac OS too. A lot of people divides companies into hardware companies and software companies — and forgets that Apple is a computer company instead.

More Quotes

Found this on USENET...

Microsoft: Putting the NO in innovation.


Gateway Grapples With Web Site Glitches
Gateway says it has largely corrected problems that caused parts of its Web site to malfunction at various times during the past week.

Government To Defend Microsoft Breakup Before Penalty Ruling
The government will defend its proposed breakup of Microsoft in what essentially will be the last official word before a federal judge holds a hearing on what remedies to impose on the company's business practices.

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