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Friday, May 19, 2000


The Death Of Sprockets
by Inside Mac Games
I think that Apple needs to reformulate their Games API strategy. Right now their strategy seems to be "let's pretend to have a games API, but in reality let's make the developers write their own." They need a solid games API.

Indeed... Are Macs Important?
Every so often, another column gets me thinking about things. A column in Macinstein which asked if Macs are really important did it this time....

Why An Apple PDA Is A Case Of Trying To Top The Pig
by The Daily iMac
So, why isnít Apple making a PDA, well to paraphrase the great Disney ñ you canít top a PDA with a PDA.

Multiprocessing On The Mac
Apple has reportedly shown a multiprocessor Mac system, but what performance benefits can users expect?


David Pogue's 'Mac OS 9: The Missing Manual'
In summary, David Pogue's "Mac OS 9: The Missing Manual" delivers on its promise to be "the book that should have been in the box." Particularly if you are in Mac novice, this book will be well worth the modest $19.95 expenditure.

FileMaker Pro 5 Unlimited
by Macworld
FileMaker Pro 5 Unlimited has little to recommend it over FileMaker Pro 4.X, which cost $250 and didn't place restrictions on Web publishing.

Stylus Photo 870
by MacAddict
The Stylus Photo 870 is a true step forward in desktop photo printing.

AppleWorks 6
by MacAddict
While Apple has added some useful new features, it can't seem to break its recently acquired habit of making counterproductive interface changes.

2000 PowerBook G3
by MacAddict
Just when you thought the PowerBook couln't get any better, it did.

We've Got (e)Mail - Part 2
by MacOS Daily
Last week I began the process of examining some email programs with the aim of switching to one of them from the now defunct Emailer.


Friday, May 19, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Games Development

No more Game Sprockets on your Mac? Well, it's partially true, reports As The Apple Turns. Quoting from Chris DeSalvo, "the man who... ran the Sprockets engineering team at Apple", the e-zine assured Mac users that DrawSprocket and NetSprocket will be in Mac OS X. Input Sprockets is replaced by the "infinitely better" HID Manager.

As to Sound Sprocket? Yeah, that is being dropped. But hey, there are "fewer than fiv ecommercial games" that uses this little beast, so, well, no big deal.

Yeah, so long this publisher can still play my Ambrosia games...


'NewLove' Contained: What Went Right
by ZDNet
The containment of the latest outbreak may demonstrate that users are becoming more savvy when handling unknown e-mail and that virus fighters are better prepared to knock down infections quickly.

German Government May Dump Outlook After Vrius Threat
by Bloomberg News
The German government may stop using Microsoft's Outlook program for email because of damaging viruses that could affect its operations, a spokesman for the interior minister said.

Microsoft Losing Millions In Mexico Due To PiracyPriv
by Reuters
Software giant Microsoft loses $300 million a year in sales in Mexico because of rampant software piracy, local newspapers reported today.

Microsoft Outlook Patch Raises Questions
by InfoWorld
Some observers say that although Microsoft's intention is good, the patch leaves much to be desired.

Intel Sheds More Light On Motherboard Recall
by Electronic Buyers' News
Intel confirmed Friday several more details of the motherboard recall program associated with its flawed memory-translator-hub (MTH) component, including a refund program for third-party vendors.

New Virus More Destructive Than "Love"
Antivirus firms monitoring the new outbreak say only a handful of instances have so far been reported to them. But they caution that the virus has the potential to spread rapidly and cause even more damage than its recent predecessor.

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