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Tuesday, May 23, 2000

Top Stories

Kodak Licenses Apple's QuickTime For Cameras
The photography giant said the software will allow digital camera users to quickly make a video clip that can be played on a personal computer.


Corel Mac Development Continues Despite Woes
by MacNN
"We're definitely moving forward with the Mac applications for Bryce, KPT and Painter. There is no direct connection between our decision to stop development of WordPerfect for Mac and continued development of the former MetaCreations titles."

Apple Now Hosts Game Trailers On QuickTime Site
by MacCentral
In a short time Apple has amassed a small collection of impressive QuickTime trailers showing off forthcoming Mac games.

Maya Dances To The Mac
Animators were excited by the news because they now have the prospect of running a professional 3-D graphics tool on the same inexpensive hardware they use to run Adobe Photoshop and other popular applications.


The Challenge Of Change
by Mac OS Daily
The Macintosh Mystique is not the GUI of MacOS 9. The Macintosh Mystique is in all the minds of men and women who are ready to embrace the future and take a journey with a company, once given up for dead, that has reinvented itself and reinvented the future.

Low End Mac Gets iReviewed
by Low End Mac
Thanks to the Apple iReview, I've already made a couple small changes to the site: one in the department links, the other in restoring the link to our "about" page.

Mac OS X Delayed, That Sounds GREAT To Me!
by The Mac Observer
If we believe everything we hear from Apple, users and developers, Mac OS X has to be a masterpiece. For this to become a reality, the extended beta period will be helpful.

Developers Speak On OS X And Game Technology
by MacCentral
"It has been a mistake in the past to have 'game APIs' for graphics and input processing. A game is just an example of a multimedia application with more stringent requirements than most."

Beta Than Nothing
by Low End Mac
Do not install the beta of OX S as the only OS on your only machine. It's being tested, so you don't want to run it as your only OS.


Apple's Pismo Four Months Later: A Second Look
by The PowerBook Zone
It packs an amazing amount of power and versatility for the size of the laptop, as well as the price. It further refined each one of its predecessor's problems, including shipping on time. Lastly, and most importantly, no major engineering issues have come up after the PowerBook's widespread use.

Low End Mac
by Apple iReview
Good news first: Low End Mac has almost everything needed for the care and repair of every permutation of Apple computer and peripheral, from a 20-year-old Apple I to the recent Power Macs ó not to mention all the Apple models, clones and clandestine machines that proliferated in between.


Tuesday, May 23, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Salon Redone

Salon's redesign — after a long wait since the weekend — is out. My initial thought: what a mess.

Thankfully, the index pages of the individual sections are still readable. However, I am viewing it from a huge monitor at large heightxwidth at work. My opinion might differ once I get back to my iMac at home.

What's wrong with the previous simplier design? Well, for one thing, it doesn't scale up very much. Put in more articles, and the scrolling and searching becomes a chore.

I guess that's one problem with AppleSurf too.


Microsoft Lays Next Gen Cornerstone
by ZDNet
Microsoft set to release a beta of its Next Generation MSN — the first building block for its 'software as a service' vision.

Intel Sets Sights On Embedded Computing
by Electronic Buyers' News
Intel has added several Pentium III and Celeron microprocessors to its "applied computing" portfolio of embedded cores.

Microsoft Remedy Day Nears
by ZDNet
It's back to U.S. District Court on Wednesday for the various parties involved in the 2-year-old U.S. Department of Justice vs. Microsoft antitrust case.

Consumer, Business Windows Versions Close To Release
Microsoft today neared the completion of two upcoming operating systems spanning the spectrum of PC users, from entry-level home computer users to the most demanding corporate customers.

E-book Business Gets Boost From Microsoft, Time Warner Deals
Several companies are exploring the potential of the online book publishing market, a nascent sector that has caught the attention of companies including Microsoft, Barnes & Noble and German conglomerate Bertelsmann.

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