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Thursday, May 25, 2000

Top Stories

Apple Scoops Top Design Gongs
by Macworld UK
The Apple Cinema Display took the Gold Award for Product Design for Work. The PowerMac G4 won a silver in the same category, while the iBook won a Silver Award for Product Design for the Home.

Apple Execs Talk QuickTime
Apple has big plans for extending the reach of its QuickTime multimedia software, but the company could be in for stiffer-than-expected competition from RealNetworks, which on Wednesday introduced a new version of its streaming-media technology that reportedly offers full-motion VCR-quality video, even for users with dial-up connections.

Voodoo 4 And 5 In Depth
by Inside Mac Games
Early January 2000, 3dfx announced that they would be releasing fully supported Mac versions of the Voodoo 4 and Voodoo 5 cards, priced similarly to the PC versions and released within a couple of months of them. This was a very exciting development for Mac gamers and could eventually have implications for the entire Macintosh product line. To fully appreciate why weíll consider some history as well as the features of the new video cards themselves.


IBM Plots Next PowerPC Chips
by ZDNet
The company's late-summer processor releases could make their way into a variety of embedded applications as well as the next wave of Apple PowerBooks.

German Ad Agency Says 'Sorry' To Apple
by MacNN
A German ad agency that found itself earlier this month under the legal wrath of Apple for using the company's logo and trademark without consent, will soon apologize by printing a full page ad in a national industry journal and publicly stating it is "very sorry" for the error.

PageMill Dies With Little Word From Adobe
by MacNN
The death of PageMill and the lack of information on its availability and future has left many of its users scratching their heads and wondering about Adobe's reasoning behind not openly discussing its plans.

Apple Computer CEO Excused From Jury Duty
by Yahoo!
Running a Fortune 500 company will not get you out of jury duty in Santa Clara County but attending your daughter's graduation ceremony will, as Apple Computer CEO Steve Jobs discovered today.

Mac OS X On A PowerBook
by Go2Mac
This article will guide you through the process of installing and running Mac OS X DP4 on a PowerBook G3.


Curtains For Corel?
by MacEdition
The computer graphics pioneer could have owned the Macintosh productivity market.

Microsoft, Others Comment On X's Delay
by MacCentral
With the "final, final" (Apple's description) version of Mac OS X pushed back six months to January 2001, many software developers we spoke with feel it's no big deal, perhaps even a good thing. The reasoning is that it gives Apple time to polish and refine the next generation operating system and gives developers more opportunity to have OS X native applications ready to go.

To Understand Apple
by Mac OS Daily
I'm not saying not to discuss, debate, and muse. Just give them a break every once in a while huh? They earn it.

Is A Mac Better Than A PC?
by Low End Mac
We can look at this question from many angles, such as performance, stability, ease of use, price, expansion, and total cost of ownership.


Comfort Is The Key(board)
by Arizona Central
An uncomfortable keyboard can slow your typing speed, cause fatigue, perhaps even spur wrist pain. A comfortable keyboard can make your computing experience more productive, more enjoyable.

The Castle
Right down to the last moments when the villian's evil plot is revealed, the game builds to a wonderfully overwritten gothic horror finale. In today's gaming market that takes itself way too seriously, I found The Castle to be quite refreshing.

Deer Avenger 2
by MacCentral
Deer Avenger 2 can provide a few fawned hours of not-terribly-subtle comic relief.

Nightmare And AppleCare
by The PowerBook Source
Moral of the story: Buy AppleCare. Give Apple a chance. Maybe after a nightmare scenario —and Iíve heard far worse than mine— Apple will do right by you.


Thursday, May 25, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

A Matter of Viewpoints

The New York Times answers readers' questions on how to close windows quickly, and how to put in a customized start-up picture. But what I really enjoy is iMac NewsPage's introduction to the article.


Intel CEO Says Chip Shortages Likely To Last Another Year
by Reuters
Intel expects a tight supply position in the semiconductor industry for another 12 months as components run short, president and CEO Craig Barrett said today.

AMD Chips The Secret Ingredient In New Supercomputer
AMD's 3DNow technology was designed to improve the 3D graphics of games. But the feature can also be used to speed up mathematical calculations, said Hank Dietz, a professor at the University of Kentucky and the architect of a new 64-processor Linux supercomputer built out of 700-MHz AMD Athlon microprocessors.

Gates: Web's 'Rational' Phase On The Way
by USA Today
The "keyboard-centric" days of the Internet are coming to a close, Gates told an annual summit.

Microsoft Ruling Rattles The Street
by TechWeb Finance
A breakup would cut the value of the $330.9 billion company by 15 percent, Sherlund said in a research report. If the market agrees with Sherlund, it would mean a $49.64 billion cut in the company's market capitalization.

Microsoft Delays Outlook Security Update
by Computer Reseller News
Microsoft said new security features for its Outlook e-mail program will be delayed until next week.

Report: U.S. Sticks With 2-way MS Split
by USA Today
Antitrust enforcers will stick with a proposal to split Microsoft Corp. into a company that makes Windows operating systems and another that makes applications such as Microsoft Office in their final breakup plan, people familiar with the case said.

Intel Fights Chip Shortage With New Capacity
by Electronic Buyers' News
Intel took two big steps to addressing a shortfall in chips on Wednesday, announcing plans to build a 300-mm wafer plant in New Mexico and increase production of flash memory ICs at plants in Oregon, New Mexico, and Colorado to more than 2 billion over the next two years.

Customers Wary Of Windows 2000
by VNU Net
The majority of Windows NT users are delaying migration to Windows 2000 by up to 18 months because they fear the platform will be too unreliable or have no immediate effect on their business.

Does Microsoft Need A Makeover?
by Salon
As Judge Jackson ponders a three-way breakup, experts offer the company some PR advice.

Gateway, iXL Venture Eyes Employee PC Programs
In a push to expand its sales channels, Gateway today said it has taken a $150 million equity stake in Consumer Financial Network, a maker of corporate portals for financial services and employee benefits.

Experts: Microsoft May Have Basis For Appeal
by TechWeb
[S]ome antitrust attorneys say [Judge Thomas Jackson's] denial of more deliberation could serve as the basis for an appeal by [Microsoft].

Are Cheap Notebooks Finally Here?
by PC World
Why Compaq is the only major vendor with laptops starting at $999.

Flaws In Handhelds Crop Up For Palm, HP
by San Jose Mercury News
Consumers could become wary of buying handheld computers in the wake of quality problems announced by industry leaders Palm Inc. and Hewlett-Packard Co.

Intel To Spend $2 Bln To Boost Chip Capacity
by Reuters
Intel Corp., the world's largest semiconductor manufacturer, said on Wednesday it will spend $2 billion to boost microprocessor production at its New Mexico plant to meet booming demand.

Microsoft Execs, Customer CEOs Mum On DOJ Hearing
by InfoWorld
Microsoft executives refused to comment Wednesday on a federal judge's interest in breaking the software giant into two or perhaps three separate companies as punishment for its antitrust crimes.

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