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Friday, May 26, 2000


Senate Hears Concerns About Easing Export Controls
by Associated Press
Apple Computer began selling its new G4 single-processor personal computer last fall but was unable to market it in more than 50 countries because export control changes did not go into effect until January.

Corel Doesn't Rhyme With Morale
by Wired News
Employee morale is slumping and several senior executives are jumping ship.

Apple Germany Sees 36 Percent Growth
by MacCentral
In the first quarter of 2000 Apple Germany has registered a growth in sales of 36 percent in comparison with the same time period from last year even though the overall German market only grew by 5 percent.

Corel Gets Cash Infusion Worth Up To $20M
by MacNN
[H]owever, it still expects to make $40-million worth of cuts to support its current revenue expectations and "is likely to shed up to 400 employees from various departments," according to one report.

Laptops Of Luxury
by Washington Post
The Apple E-Mates that students have been using for three years are rapidly becoming outdated and worn out. The company no longer makes the E-Mate, and newer laptops—such as the iBooks—are very expensive.


Viva G3!
by ZDNet
I'm heartened at evidence that Apple is applying the same philosophy [of using the right tools for the right job] to its choice of processors.

Diverging Paths For PowerPC
While G3s run optimized AltiVec code just fine, G4s run it faster... Apple seems to be hedging its bets and can easily support both.

An Armchair CEO Looks At Apple
Apple's history through the Michael Spindler era.

Will Compatibility Issues Rain On The OS X Parade?
by Mac OS Daily
Can Apple achieve a repeat performance with the Mac OS X transition?


Quake III Arena: Familiar Fun, No Surprises
by Macworld
d has done a nice job of making the game playable over the Internet, even with a dial-up connection.

Supporting Your Systems On A Limited Budget
by The Business Mac
If support is suffering at your company, look at the issues closely to determine if the problem is resource availability or resource management.

Z-Write - A Word Processor For Writers
[I]f you're a journalist or book author, give this one a look.

What System Is More Stable - The Mac Or Windows?
by The Resurrected Mac
The biggest difference you will notice when moving from the Macintosh to Windows or from Windows to the Macintosh is how easy it is to destabilize each operating system.

Optimize Your Mac's Performance And Stability
by The Mac Observer
[H]ere are a few solutions and tips to get the most out of your machine and to keep it running for days without a single crash.

Mac OS X DP4
by Ars Technica
Technically, it is as sound and innovative as ever.

Mac Freeware: A Guide Through The Orchard
by BusinessWeek
From word processors to games, you can get it online for free or next to nothing.

Puck-Lovers Come Out! (Mouse Different)
Mac user after Mac user, almost in shame, admitting that they too liked the hockey puck.

Inner Beauty: Looks Can Be Deceiving When It Comes To Apple's Newest Mobile Macs
by Macworld
Ever since Steve Jobs returned to Apple, we've come to expect drama when the company introduces new products, whether they're colorful and cuddly iMacs or shocking-blue Power Macs. But sometimes the most-dramatic changes don't have to do with a flashy appearance—they're all about what's inside.

Games For '030s
by Low End Mac
Finding a game that will run well on a 68030 can be quite a challenge these days. Although the system requirements will let you know whether the game will run on a 68030, rarely do they say whether it will run well.


Friday, May 26, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

The Other Side

Scott Rosenberg, managing editor/VP Site Developement, Yes, we tested stuff, but anyone who's ever done a site launch can tell you that things that work under test conditions sometimes break on a live site, and there's no way to know that till you go live.

(This is part of a longer comment in Media News.)

New Stuff

Did you know that there is a new site in town? MacEdition? Tag line: Industry-leading news and analysis.

And did you know that there is one convinent place (besides that "Update" button) on the web that you can find out the latest updates from Apple? The Recent Software Downloads page from Apple's Support.


Windows Tablet Runs Up The Tab
by PC World
Aqcess Technologies prices its slick Qbe device at a hard-to-swallow $4,475.

Microsoft Patches Up Bruised Outlook
by Inter@ctive Week
Critics of Microsoft say that while the patches will prevent viruses like Melissa and the Love Bug, they do little to address underlying weaknesses in the Microsoft platform.

Microsoft Postpones Strategy Forum, Cites Case
by Reuters
The sudden change of plans provides one of the clearest signs yet of how the antitrust case has disrupted business as usual at the company.

Justice Department Still Wants Microsoft Split Into Two Companies
by San Jose Mercury News
[T]he government team had settled on a two-way split as the least complicated way of restoring completion to the operating system market.

Linux Programmers Get A Taste Of The Future
Linux programmers wanting a glimpse of things to come will be able to try out three machines at VA Linux Systems with Intel's upcoming Itanium chips, the Linux hardware maker will announce tomorrow.

Appeals Court May Be Next Stop For Microsoft
The Justice Department and 19 states may answer Microsoft's motto this afternoon with a revised remedy proposal seeking to break the software giant into two companies.

Microsoft Trial: Users Told To Check Contracts
by VNU Net
[U]sers should not bet their businesses on future products that are not yet in beta, especially those that rely on Microsoft's entire portfolio such as next generation Windows services, because they may not be as effective if the company is split in half.

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