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Wednesday, May 31, 2000

Top Stories

Flying The Unfriendly Skies... And Loving It
by Apple
If you’ve never piloted a plane — let alone a 55 to 85 year-old bomber — iEntertainment Network has made it easy for you to get started on the path to acehood.

Core Changes To The Mac System
by BusinessWeek
OS X, Apple's new operating system, fundamentally transforms the venerable Macintosh.

Apple's 'Core' Shareholders Skewer Analyst
by CBS MarketWatch
Jobs and the boys have always proved the naysayers wrong, and Apple's faithful have learned to smugly turn the other cheek.

Encouraging News From WWDC
Apple people seem genuinely interested in helping I.S. support the Mac and Mac OS. Maybe it's because they understand that Mac OS X will be a much bigger product for the enterprise, in terms of operations such as rendering farms and server farms.


Nisus Email, An Email App That 'Thinks Different'
by MacCentral
Soon Nisus Software will unveil the Nisus Email System (NESY), a transparent e-mail application that's designed to go unnoticed and to be a totally new approach to sending and receiving e-mail.

Can WordPerfect For Mac Be Resurrected?
by Go2Mac
An online campaign is second-guessing Corel's decision to kill the venerable program.

Apple Firms Up Firmware
by MacCentral
Apple has released four firmware updates that add FireWire startup disk support to older Power Mac G4s, PowerBooks, and iMacs. They also spruce up USB support (for iBooks, as well) and take care of some potential startup problems on G4s and iMacs.

AppleWorks Upgraded To 6.0.4
by MacCentral
With the previous 6.0.3 update and now this one, Apple has addressed two of the worst problems — spotty performance and instability — in AppleWorks 6.0.


Will Apple Survive The Test Of Adversity?
by The Mac Observer
This spring and summer, we will see what Apple is really made of. After a couple of almost flawless years of computer business, a few aspects of Apple's situation are darker than before.

Fruit-flavored Slot Of Death?
by Low End Mac
Slot-loading drives and laptops could be a dangerous combination.


The Browsers Wars In The New Millennium Battle - What's Faster Netscape, Microsoft Or iCab?
by MacSpeedZone
On most performance tests Communicator 4.7.3 and iCab won the speed test. Internet Explorer was not that far behind and in the Java test it blew the competition away.

HP DeskJet 1220C Professional Series
by MacAddict
If you need to print large-format color or if you've got the extra cash to experiment with roomier projects, the HP 1220C offers outstanding quality at a home-office price.

Spark 1.5
by MacAddict
If you are serious about audio editing and mastering, Spark 1.5 is a great investment.

Inside Mac Games
by iReview
Whatís on the Web site is good; itís whatís not there that frequently disappoints.

Logitech Optical Wheel Mouse
by Holy Mac!
It's better than the IntelliMouse, better than Kensington's line, and the best replacement for the money if you're like me and hate the Apple's standard mouse.

Sony Spressa USB CD-RW
by MacTeens
Sony's drive is one solid piece of hardware, and works flawlessly at 4X speeds.

Bingo Bingo Bingo
People buy what they're familiar with, assuming it'll be as much fun on the computer as it is in real life. With Bingo Bingo Bingo, they'll be woefully wrong.

How To Speed Up Your Start Up
by Macinstruct
Plus, a fast startup speed impresses pretty girls!

HP's DeskJet 1220C
by MacCentral
I'm in love with the new DeskJet 1220C Professional printer from Hewlett Packard. Sure, it may be a little on the hefty side, but it's quiet and offers beautiful output.

Choosing A Portable: iBook Or PowerBook?
by MacCentral
Decisions, decisions. iBook or PowerBook? An "iMac to go" or a professional laptop? Which do you choose?


Wednesday, May 31, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

It's Like You've A Faster Mac!

... and when was the last time you saw you system software running on just 16MB of RAM?

It's Like You've Shrink Your Home! "The following instructions will increase the range of an Apple airport base station 30 to 100%..."

And the site has big friendly pictures that spells out the step-by-step instruction.


Top 10 Other Reasons For A MS Breakup
by Inter@ctive Week
Government economic advisors' reasoning: More Microsofts, more jobs.

MS Trial: If The Shoe Fits ...
by Wired News
The fate of Microsoft may hang on an obscure case called United Shoe — the feds' 50-year attempt to bust up a shoe-manufacturing equipment company. Both sides point to the case in their arguments. Declan McCullagh reports from Washington.

Analysts: It's A Banner Year For PC Sales
Performance is up, orders are up and prices have stabilized. Corporate buyers are giving PC makers a reason to smile.

MS Leaking Sun Code Three Times Entirely Accidental - Judge
by The Register
The skirmishes going on do not bear much on the merits of the main case that Sun has brought against Microsoft, but it does tell us that Sun's licence for Java was not very watertight legally.

Is Microsoft The Buy Of The Millenium?
by CBS MarketWatch
"If Microsoft was an average diversified company, (a breakup) would be good for shareholders. But I'm not convinced. It seems to me to have much more synergy or monopoly profits than most diversified companies."

Does Big Business Want Legacy-free PCs?
by eWEEK
The new generation of legacy-free PCs has turned some heads with its sleek styling, but many IT managers have yet to give the machines much more than a passing glance.

MS Should Take Comfort In Ruling
by eWEEK
What could be worse news for Bill Gates & Co. than being split into two pieces? How about three chunks?

Breaking Up Microsoft Is Not The Solution
by ZDNet
Any "solution" which results in still having only one source of the Windows operating system is — "No solution at all!"

'Resume' Worm Squished Without Much Damage
by TechWeb
Any damage caused by the "resume" worm by midday Tuesday, however, was insignificant.

Gateway, AOL Deal Doesn't Mean The End Of Wintel
Net appliance offerings from Gateway and America Online represent another step in the evolution of technology options for consumers.

Intel Cuts Prices For Wide Range Of Chips
Intel has slashed list prices for its desktop and mobile processors, although many of the discounted chips remain in short supply.

Sun's Claim Against Microsoft Dismissed In Pretrial Ruling
by Bloomberg News
A U.S. judge tentatively denied Sun Microsystems' claim for $35 million in damages as part of the company's breach-of-contract dispute with Microsoft.

New Features For Photoshop 6?
Adobe Photoshop 6, the next version of the market-leading image-editing package, will sport a raft of interface improvements along with new layer and type functions, according to an 11-page "Detailed Feature Guide" distributed to beta testers.

Microsoft Prepares Final Arguments
by Associated Press
Attorneys for Microsoft were busy today preparing their final legal response to the government's plan to break up the software giant for antitrust violations.

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