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Friday, July 7, 2000

Top Stories

Apple Courts Snubbed Retailers With New Attitude, New Policies
by Wall Street Journal
Two years after practically disappearing from many U.S. retail stores, Apple Computer Inc. is back on the shelves.

The Cathedral And The Bizarre
Eric Raymond had some choice words for the programmers at MacHack 2000.. I wish he'd have chosen them a bit better.


Sony-Cnnectix Bout Moves To Next Round
by ZDNet
A week after withdrawing, then refiling, a patent-infringement suit over Connectix's PlayStation emulator, Sony predicted the case will come to trial this fall.

CPU Upgrades Old And New From Newer
Newer Technology announced that it is shipping three PowerPC G3 CPU upgrades that it pulled from the market during its recent financial difficulties, along with a new 500 MHz G4 ZIF upgrade for Beige and Blue G3 Power Macs.


HP DeskJet 932C
The DeskJet 932C is not going to win any awards for high-resolution color output onto glossy paper. That aside, it is a good low price printer that is extremely fast and prints excellent text even in draft mode.

by Apple iReview
MacInTouch is an excellent resource for readers patient enough to “get” it. An acquired taste, like Brussels sprouts or flossing, its benefits become apparent only after you’re hooked.

The Scientific Platform
There are many other excellent science programs for the Mac. I've hit on enough here to confirm the Mac's viability.

Web Users Will Welcome New-Look Netscape
by Federal Computer Week
Anyone who uses the Web will welcome the final release of Netscape 6.


Friday, July 7, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Rumor Monger

Fany an iWatermelon?

Around the Web Logs

Metafilter: "You have reached Unfortunately, we are now closed."


Why Intel Scuttled 800MHz Xeon
by eWEEK
Some of the worldís largest computer makers and their customers say Intel is producing chips too quickly.

The Difficult Birth Of Windows Me
So why all the fuss over a petty final footnote in the Windows 9x saga, in a year when Windows 2000 is surely the big news?

Microsoft Abandons Telewest Plan
by Reuters

Microsoft Database Hammered
by InfoWorld
Microsoft's SQL Server 2000 database, which is set to ship within a month, suffered a double embarrassment this week.

Microsoft Falls Short Of Aiding Small Businesses
Microsoft shelved one of its marketing services for small businesses this week, acknowledging it couldn't help those ventures surmount the financial advantages of their larger competitors.

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