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Monday, July 17, 2000

Top Stories

How iMac Reshaped The PC Industry
There's no denying that the iMac has wrought profound changes on the industrial design of computers and peripherals.

Apple's Encore: Revenue Growth
by ZDNet
Apple Computer, the comeback story, is long gone; now Wall Street wants to see the sequel: Apple, the growth story.

Apple Earnings Preview
While, consumer-orientated iMac sales may actually slow for the quarter, the G4 and PowerBook lines may carry the quarter as business users migrate toward more powerful systems.

Macworld Expo: Ready For Business
All eyes will be on the Big Apple next week as Macworld Expo heads to New York's Javits Convention Center July 18-21. Conference sessions begin Tuesday, but the real action begins Wednesday when the exhibit floor opens following Steve Jobs' opening keynote.


Apple Gets Heavy With Third Mac Web Site
by The Register
Apple's highly active legal department has targeted yet another Mac Web site, the venerable MacInTouch, for publishing what the company effectively claims are illegally obtained trade secrets.

Notebook Buyers Latch On To DVD For Movies To Go
The discrepancy between DVD adoption in PCs vs. notebooks illustrates a startling and unexpected trend in consumer buying and offers an important lesson for hardware companies.

Apple To Share Spotlight At Upcoming Conference
Though the big news at Macworld Expo is expected to come from Apple Computer, plenty of other companies plan to make announcements at the show.

Ailing COrel Sells GraphicCorp Division
by Reuters
Embattled Canadian software developer Corel said today it had sold its GraphicCorp division and stock digital photo images to privately held Hemera Technologies, a deal that analysts said will not add much to Corel's coffers.

Sun Readies To Take On Microsoft
by Forbes
StarOffice is an unremarkable suite of applications that closely mimics but isn't quite as good as Microsoft Office. Yet if Marco Boerries of Sun Microsystems has his way, it could play a key role in changing the way we use software.

Macworld Expo Preview: Creative Stuff
by Macworld

Expo Preview: Hardware
by Macworld
Creative ways to fill your PCI slots.

Expo Preview: Business And System Software
by Macworld
Business software makers are playing one form or another of the waiting game at Macworld Expo.

New Products, Earnings Growth Expected From Aple
Next week is a big one for Apple Computer, with quarterly earnings set to be announced Tuesday and CEO Steve Jobs' Macworld Expo keynote on Wednesday.


Mac Soothsaying: Survey Says...
by ZDNet

Predicting The Future Of Mister Jobs
The only way that Microsoft can be out maneuvered is if Steve can leverage the Apple Computer Corporation, the Pixar Corporation and the entertainment industry in order to develop a technology and an industry that makes every thing Microsoft has ever done or likely to do both obsolete, stupid, and consummately boring and outdated.

Crossing The Rubicon: A Look Behind The Scenes At Mac OS Rumors
by The Mac Observer
Jonathan Apple has proven beyond a doubt that Ryan Meader of Mac OS Rumors is extremely indiscreet when it comes to sorting signal from noise for his rumor site.

The Importance Of Interface
by osOpinion
Unix has a well-deserved reputation for obscurity and contrariness. The user "experience" on Unix is almost non-existent: the user speaks to the machine, not the other way around.

Macworld: Looking On With Envy
by Low End Mac


Inside Mac Games
by Apple iReview
The writing is smart and accessible, and the news is actually news, not trumped-up page filler.

Putt-Putt Joins The Circus
by MacCentral
Putt-Putt and Pep are a jovial pair that reflect compassion, teamwork and a positive outlook. Children will appreciate their inviting nature and may learn the value of cooperation and making friends.


Monday, July 17, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Apple With A Heart?

What do you see in this logo? Sorry, but I do see Apple — and Apple's lawyers are right.

Old News

4 years ago - CNET : Apple Stems Tide Of Red Ink. While still swimming in red ink, Apple Computer this quarter managed to limit its losses to $32 million... Apple said its condition was helped partly by the sale of its shares of America Online.


Microsoft Expected To Report "Lackluster" Growth
by Bloomberg News
Microsoft, on the verge of reporting its fourth-quarter earnings, is facing the same weak sales growth plaguing its competitors, and analysts say the world's largest software maker may not recover soon.

'A World Of Opportunity'
by Macleans Online
Microsoft's CEO talks about his company — and the high-tech future.

Microsoft Gives Details Of Software-For-Rent Strategy
Microsoft today popped the cork on its plans to sell software through subscriptions rather than through licenses, as it now does.

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