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Friday, July 21, 2000

Top Stories

As The Apple Turns
by Apple iReview
Each new "episode" usually has two or three news items, each appended to the site’s wry analysis. This alone would be worth the price of admission.

Dual-Processor Macs Don't Impress Analysts
Jobs' decision to offer two processors as standard fare on higher-end PowerMacs is nothing more than a sleight of hand, masking weaknesses in both Apple's hardware and software strategies.

Creative Engineering At Macworld Expo
Impressions of Apple's new optical mouse, the G4 Cube and iMovie 2.

The New Legacy Items
While a buttonless mouse feels great, ergonomic and even sophisticated, I'm not so sure about a keyboard without a Power button.

The Cult Of Macintosh
Last night, after Iíd spent the afternoon at Macworld, Guy X and I did what any bobo young couple would do: after dinner, we went back to the studio, got all cozy in front of the DSL connection, and watched the archived Webcast of the dayís Steve Jobsí Macworld speech.

Apple's Consumer Strategy Slips
by The Register
The consumer strategy was all about attracting a not just a larger audience but a wider, more mainstream one, and all these statistics suggest that isn't working - or at the very least not as well as it should be.

The Real Reason Behind The Cube
by big g media
The Cube is the first computer designed for the Midlife Crisis.


Two New Products Focus On Saving Your Butt
by MacAddict
Two Mac software companies unveiled some new products at Macworld Expo that will make any Mac a safer, easier place to work.

Tird Parties Join Macworld Rollouts
by ZDNet
Makers of Mac peripherals and games jostled for attention at this week's Mac show in New York.

Thinking Outside The Box
by BBC
Apple fans are fawning over the new little G4 Cube , which follows its all-conquering iMac. But why must PC users still put up with the boring old beige box?

MacWEEK Presents Best Of Show Awards
The awards recognize products that are especially innovative or appear to answer important needs of Mac users.

Where's The Radeon?
ATI Technologies could be in hot water with its most visible customer—Apple Computer—after issuing a press release touting Apple's use of the Rage and Radeon graphics chips in new Mac models, two days before those models were announced.

Steve Jobs' Cult Of Personality Lives On
by Fox News
Steve Jobs summed it all up in his keynote at the current Macworld Expo in New York when he said, "We want Apple to stand at the intersection of art and technology."

Musicmatch Jukebox For The Macintosh Unveiled
The free software Mac users the ability to create MP3s and experience digital music in a multimedia-rich listening environment.

Microsoft, Apple Join In Games Company
by IDG

Apple's Orchard Expo Photo Album
by Apple's Orchard
Apple's Photo Album of Expo happenings is complete. Come take a look!


G4 Cube: The Audio Story
by Macworld
It's nice to see that the partnership between Harman and Apple, begun with the speakers built into the slot-loaded iMacs, is continuing. Sound is much too important to be left to a crappy single speaker.

Is The PowerMac G4 Cube A Good Value?
When it comes to Macintosh computers with G4 processors, the Cube misses the mark by $200. The entry-level PowerMac G4 is the best value.

PowerBook Or PowerDictionary?
by Low End Mac
So, Apple, how about making a PowerBook 5300-sized G3?

Mac OS Rumors: You Told Us So!
I am not debating whether rumor sites are good or bad. What I am saying is that MOSR deserves an apology, and perhaps the benefit of the doubt the next time 'round.

A Better View: The Industry's New Clothes
by osOpinion
If this is what designer's at these companies are churning out, I have but one suggestion: Get some new designers.


I-JAM IJ-101
by MacAddict
Ease of use almost saves the I-JAM, but its high price, combined with its inadequate memory, relegate this device to the minor leagues.


Friday, July 21, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Disappearing Act

As reported by MacFixIt, all traces of Mac OS X server have been removed from Apple's corporate site. Why? Your guess is as good as mine.

One Last Thing

As discovered by The iMac NewsPage, the final paragraph of Apple's Pro Mouse White Paper (PDF) reads as follows:

And yes, this mouse glows in the dark.

Paniced ISP

What happened to The Macjunkie? Apparently, its ISP also received a threatening letter from Apple, and removed the site completely. I wonder whether the ISP did any backup first?

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