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Saturday, July 22, 2000

Top Stories

Tales Of Woz's Genius
by David Sims' Weblog
He was doing all this in his head, fighting the escalating copy protection wars about a year before, or in some cases they never got as sophisticated as Woz got, battling his own imagination.

Apple's Jobs Fails To Inspire
by Upside
As Jobs continued to emcee an increasingly lackluster show, it became clear that the new mouse was indeed Apple's perfect new symbol: cool looking, but potentially obsolete.

Is There A Power Button On The New Keyboard?
by MacCentral
"There is a power button on the new keyboard. It's the eject key. If there's no disc, it functions as a power button would."


Apple Reps Discuss The New Hardware
With Macworld Expo winding down Friday, MacWEEK editors spent some time with Apple product managers to learn more about the company's new hardware, which Steve Jobs introduced during his keynote Wednesday.

Macromedia Shares Plunge Despite Strong Earnings
by Bloomberg
Macromedia shares plummeted as much as 45 percent today after analysts expressed concern about its future revenues despite a strong earnings report.

Mattel Shows Off Myst III Exile
by MacCentral


A Twisted Look At The Best And Worst Of The Expo
by The Mac Observer

Apple's New Hardware From The Gamer's Perspective
by MacCentral

Is The Cube Practical Or Just 'Cool'?
by MacCentral
But for all the talk about its looks, one wonders of its practicality and just who the Cube is meant for.


Saturday, July 22, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

No I Didn't Say That

Isn't it interesting that what Steve said during the keynote was reported as news — together with what Steve didn't say?

Rumors, speculations, gossips. Sometimes, it's really hard to differentiate them.

So Sue Me Already

MacNN reported that Apple removed the iMac Sage commercial from the web site. And speculated that Jim Hension's lawyers had probably just sent Apple a letter that is similar to the one Apple sent to AppleInsider.


Microsoft Edges Toward High-End Windows Release
Microsoft has issued the first release candidate for its Windows 2000 Data Center edition, a major step toward pushing the delayed operating system out the door.

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