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Sunday, July 23, 2000

Top Stories

Mac Users Pay Price For Loyalty
by Straits Times
Apple computers have cachet but play second fiddle to Windows PCs in tax e-filing, broadband and Net banking in Singapore.

Hardware Feast In Manhattan
The Cube is not really a G4 workstation. It's a luxury vehicle.

Microsoft Goes Bonkers
by Joel On Software
I'm not saying that there's nothing new in .NET. I'm saying that there's nothing there at all.

The Week In Review: Apple Holds Center Stage
Microsoft, Intel and especially Sun Microsystems topped quarterly earnings expectations, but Apple Computer managed to hold center stage the longest.


Macworld Expo Attendees Speak
As Macworld Expo exhibitors prepared to tear down their booths, attendees on Friday offered their impressions from the three-day whirlwind of Mac product rollouts.

by New York Daily News
Apple's new product line is more polished than ever.

Apple's Trade Show Was A Highlight Film For Macintosh Devotees
by San Jose Mercury News
If you're a devoted Mac user, chances are you had a delightful week.

Apple's Cube Takes New Look At The PC
by San Jose Mercury News
We'll have to see, though, if the world will fall in love with the Cube because it's cool, even if it's not exactly cute.


Sunday, July 23, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

The We-Just-Don't-Care Department Apple is not planning a long-term future for the Mac so they don't care about the dealer network.

Better hold on to your Cubes, folks!

ATI Censored? BS!

So says Macs Only!. One: Jobs did mention "Rage 128 Pro". Two: ATI didn't have a booth in the first place. Third: Huge banner.

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