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Friday, July 28, 2000

Top Stories

Sony's J100 Desktop Makes Video Editing More Affordable
by Associated Press
All in all, the Sony Vaio isn't as good as Apple's iMac DV models for video editing. But, if you're a confirmed Windows user, it's your best solution for simple work

Steve Jobs Book Controversial
by USA Today
He succeeded in becoming the Jackie Kennedy Onassis of business and technology - a figure who was ubiquitous as a symbol of his times but little known as a human being.


The Mouse Conundrum: How Many Buttons Do You Need? Or Do You?
by Right On Mac!
It seems Apple is the only company left making one button mice anymore.

So I Married A Mac Addict
Your husband always promises that your current system will last for the next few years, but you find him in the bathroom the next week with his favorite catalog and a glazed, far-away look on his face.


Virtual PC 3.0 With Red Hat Linux
by MacAddict
If you want to get into Linux without the initial pain and suffering of repartitioning a drive and getting an installation to work, or if you want a safe place to try out your modifications, Virtual PC 3.0 is a great system.


Friday, July 28, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

The Game Called Browser

Every release of a new version of browser brings me hope that the UI will be improved, and every release will almost bring me disappointment.

Come on!

The Game Called Installation

This is what happened to me recently on my Windows 98 machine...

Install Internet Explorer 5.5. Opted to install Windows Media Player along.

Installation successful.

Launch my favorite net radio web site that uses Real. Doesn't work.

After trying several tricks, install Real again.

Web site work. But Real scattered dozens of shortcuts, icons, start items and tray items all over my Windows. Have to reconfigure and do some major deletion.

And you call this progress?

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