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Sunday, July 30, 2000

Top Stories

Apple's New Software Is Even Better Than Its Impressive Hardware
by Boston Globe
As ever, Apple is being driven forward by software. It's the code for these new Macs that could redefine Apple's role in the computer business.

Modesto Man Records Huge Music Collection Onto DVD Discs
by The Modesto Bee
"The storage media will keep changing, but it will stay digital. So now that I've got my music in a digital format, I can move it to any device I want."


Not Sexy Or Aerodynamic, The Cube Is Not The iMac
by Knight Ridder Newspapers
While the iMac won people over with its colorful flamboyance, the G4 Cube, if successful, may be known for its raw utility. The Cube is not sexy or aerodynamic, but neither a line nor a curve appears wasted.

Apple Sparked A Revolution
by Scripting News
The Apple II was a perfect mix of the personalities of the Apple founders.


With Prices Dropping, Scanners Are Becoming Must-Haves For A Home Computer Setup
by Knight Ridder Newspapers

Portable Players Make MP3 Music Mobile
by Seattle Times

Dual-Processor Power Macs
by Macworld
Two 450MHz processors are clearly better than one.

Back To School With An iMac
by Help & How-To
Learn how to set up your brand new iMac.


Sunday, July 30, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Sony, Microsoft, And Apple

After going through a long story about software and hardware compatibilities problem and different companies pushing the blame all around the world, Paul Andres of The Seattle Times have this to say:

[T]here is an alternative. I cannot recall the last time a Macintosh user contacted me with an experience like Windows users are reporting... I remember when Windows had lots of fans, and wonder where they are today.

Sage Is Back

MacNN: "Sage" iMac commercial is once again available.

Cheap Stuff

The iMac NewsPage: It's got cheap publicity stunt written all over it.

Old News

4 year ago - CNET : Bandai Digital Entertainment... is teaming up with Holiday Inn in a test that will provide guests with Internet access from TV sets in hotel rooms... 100 Pippin @World units will be supplied for the test.


Who Needs To Get The Boot? PC Builder Or Software Maker?
by Seattle Times
Complaints about computer support are as old as the microchip. But as someone who has used PCs for more than 20 years, I sense an escalation in the support wars.

Microsoft Rolls Out Windows 2000 Bug Fixes
Microsoft has quietly posted the first collection of Windows 2000 bug fixes on the Internet.

Microsoft Notebook: Some Straight Talk
f there is one take away (that's MBA-talk for what schoolchildren refer to as "What I learned at school today") from Microsoft's yearly meeting with Wall Street analysts and investors, it is that no matter how exciting the future may be for Mr. Softee, the near-term outlook gets bleaker and bleaker.

Microsoft Primes The Windows Me Pump
by ZDNet
Want a free guided tour of the Redmond campus? A limited edition autographed by Bill Gates? Then read about Microsoft's hype-o-meter strategy.

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