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Monday, August 14, 2000

Top Stories

Adobe Ships GoLive 5
The latest release of the Web-authoring software adds Adobe interface elements and improved features for HTML coders.

Apple's Deadly Ties With Motorola
by themestream
Apple should have known, from their first experience with Motorola, that they would be unable to produce anything fast and anything in quantity. What's worse, Motorola has proved to be a very sore loser, refusing to admit when they've messed up, and refusing to cooperate when others offer help.

Steve Jobs Complains About Book
by New York Times
A book by Alan Deutschman, portrays Steven Jobs as an abusive, insecure narcissist. Last week, Mr. Jobs called the chief executive of the publisher to complain.


Former Macintosh Engineers Set To Unveil Product At Linux World
by San Francisco Examiner
Nearly 20 years after they introduced computing to the masses, three Apple Computer alums are hoping for a repeat performance.

Will Linux Sink Corel?
It looks like Corel Corp. may finally be losing its balance. The company that wobbled but wouldn't fall down now can't seem to pare back enough to please frustrated investors.


Circuit City And Apple Could Work Very Well...
by MacMonkey
Training is the key, those cute in-store demos are nice, but teaching employees how to show off the Macs unbelievable capabilites will make the bonds much, much tighter.

Does Steve Jobs Have The Vision To Keep Apple Fresh?
by BusinessWeek
Is this a case where he wants to show the world his designs are the best, or is there another evolution for the end user that only Steve Jobs can see?

The Making Of A MacSkeptic Part 1


Apple iMac DV SE 500 MHz, Snow
For the home or the office, the iMac is a first-rate personal computer, and the new iMovie software makes it a wonderful choice for editing home videos.

GoLive Grows Up
GoLive 5 answers most of its predecessor's shortcomings. It smooths out many of its previous rough spots, enhances the graphic workflow, and comes up clean on the source code frontier.

Virtual PC With Red Hat Linux
If you want to embark on any other Linux endeavor, skip over VPC and buy a PowerPC-native Linux distribution such as LinuxPPC.


Monday, August 14, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong


One of my favorite web writers, John Martellaro, has a new job: Senior Marketing Manager with Apple Computer, Inc. Good luck, and all the best!


DOJ To Reply To Microsoft Brief
by InfoWorld
The U.S. Department of Justice and state officials will file a brief with the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday rebutting statements by Microsoft and arguing that the antitrust suit against the company should not be heard by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia.

MS Kisses Free Software Support Goodbye
by ZDNet
The company joins the ranks of software makers dumping free, unlimited phone support. Sign of the times?

HP Thinks Inside The Box With PC Package
While many computer makers are trying to get more revenue from "beyond the box," Hewlett-Packard is trying to stuff more inside the box.

AMD Cuts Prices To Pave Way For 1.1-GHz Chip
Advanced Micro Devices slashed prices today on its Athlon and Duron processors by 28 to 44 percent to pave the way for a 1.1-GHz chip coming at the end of the month.

Microsoft Releasin Test Version Of E-Commerce Software
Microsoft today will release its first public test version of BizTalk Server, a vital piece in the software giant's e-commerce software strategy.

Intel Adds Another Notch To Communications Belt
by Reuters

What's Up With Microsoft?
by Funky-Penguin
Windows users are often puzzled as to why techies don't like Microsoft. They invented the internet, didn't they? They invented the graphical user interface, didn't they?

Developers Of Linux Software Planning Assault On Microsoft
by New York Times
A group of Linux software developers and computer makers plan to create a foundation to offer a unified desktop user interface and a set of productivity programs intended to compete as a free alternative to Microsoft Office.

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