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Sunday, August 20, 2000


Campus Computing
by PioneerPlanet
Mac or PC? How much to spend? If you have a student heading to college this fall, itís time to think about what kind of computer to buy.

Juggling Jobs: Steve Jobs Continues To Pilot Pixar While Running Apple
by San Francisco Examiner
For all the hype surrounding Jobs' reemergence at the helm of Apple Computer Corp., the company he co-founded more than 20 years ago, he is still holding down his day job at Pixar.


Let The Games Begin
by Dallas Morning News
The Voodoo5 5500 is ideal for gamers who want the absolute latest in graphics technology and who can afford the $300 price.


Sunday, August 20, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Old News

2 Years Ago: Web Sites Catch iMac Mania - The mania over Apple Computer's new iMac computer has spilled over from the showroom floor to online warehouse and auction sites.


Musical Interns Mock MS
by Wired News
Rarely are employees celebrated for poking fun at the boss. But at Microsoft, a clever group of interns parodied their company leaders and were rewarded for their efforts.

Compaq CEO: Parts Shortage 'Worst Ever'
by Reuters
For PC makers, it's the best of times - demand - and the worst of times - component shortage.

Erratic Windows Me Contest Site Irks Web Surfers
Whether caused by overwhelming traffic or a technical gaffe, Microsoft's Windows Me sweepstakes Web site has been plagued by a series of outages that has consumers irked.

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